Focus On This One Thing and Change Everything!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Dancing in the desert, deep breathing
Taking a breather from dancing

When I was disconnected from myself, insecure and feeling small there was one thing that I wasn’t doing. When I discovered what it was, everything in my world shifted. Doing this one thing not just daily, but hourly I stopped being flaky, ungrounded and became fully present in the NOW.

What could be so powerful that it changes everything from physiology to being completely grounded in the present? Breath. You might think you are breathing. However, if you are holding your breath much of the time, or barely breathing you are missing the boat on something very profound and life-changing. 
Since I healed my own insecurity and low self-esteem, I breathe with purpose. I breathe with consciousness. I focus on deep breathing. When I sit in meditation daily even though I use a mantra in the background of my mind (silently) I am focused on breathing deeply. 
What Does Deep Breathing Do?
To help you understand what deep breathing does for you, I have to first explain what shallow breathing creates. Listen to Jennifer’s most recent podcast that includes a free energy clearing and breathing technique to assist you. 
Shallow Breathing
When you are barely breathing, holding your breath when you witness your breath, or lay on a practitioner’s table or even at bed before sleep shows how little you value you. Shallow breathing is barely living. Over time this shallow breathing will cause COPD, your lungs to shrink and become ineffective. You may end up on oxygen – which is counterproductive. Oxygen is available to you in the air outside as well as inside your home. 
Shallow breathing does not affirm life. Shallow breathing affirms a slow death. It means you don’t value you. You feel insignificant and unworthy. This is what I help my clients with since I healed it myself. I understand your issues. I have been there.
Affirm Life
When you begin to breathe deeply you affirm life. You are telling The Divine, Source Energy, The Universe that you are important. You have value and that you love yourself. 
Stimulate The Vagus Nerve To Vitalize Health Alleviate Anxiety and Depression

The Vagus Nerve belongs to the autonomous nervous system which regulates involuntary bodily functions. The vagus nerve begins on the side of the neck running from the brain through every organ in the body. Breathing deeply not only increases oxygen in the blood, increasing health in

Vagas Nerve stimulation eliminates social anxiety image

all areas of the body and stimulates the vagus nerve. Every part of our body needs oxygen to thrive including the brain. Think of it this way what would happen if you put sugar in your gas tank? Your car would stop and fail. Not breathing deeply is like putting sugar in your gas tank. There are other ways to stimulate the Vagus nerve; sleeping on your right side, massage and even medical intervention with a type of shock therapy which can alleviate seizures. 

Expand your lungs when you breathe. Breathe in deeply filling your lungs as much as you can. Once your lungs feel full to capacity take another deep breath, hold your breath for four seconds, then exhale SLOWLY. Expanding your lung capacity with regularity will expand your life. Each deep breath you take affirms life. You are showing The Universe that you value yourself, and so you should. 
Shallow breathing shrinks lung capacity. Like any muscle, a lack of use leads to atrophy and infective lungs. We need to give our lungs a workout and expand the capacity several times a day. You have most likely been breathing shallowly for decades. Changing this habit will take practice, every day. Focus on your breath when you sit and listen to your family members tell you about their day. 
The Magic Of Breath
Breathing deeply does so many powerful and transformative things for you. You will begin to have much more energy. You won’t tire so quickly. Your skin will look alive and have better color. The biggest thing that deep breathing does is bring you into the present, but it also increases levels of serotonin. Best of all air is FREE! 
What Does Deep Breathing Give YOU?
  1. More energy
  2. Better sleep
  3. Better Erections
  4. Longer orgasms
  5. More satisfying sex
  6. Brings you into THE PRESENT
  7. Affirms life
  8. You feel less scattered
  9. It grounds you
  10. Oxygen for better organ function
  11. Better health
  12. Longer Life
  13. Best Anti-Aging Tool on The Market
Better Sex
Sex is so much better when you breathe deeply. Your body and pelvic region needs oxygen. Better than a little blue pill, breathe deeply for better sex and erections. Having richly oxygenated blood will help with erections, stimulation, and better longer lasting orgasms.
Slow The Aging Process
Breathing deeply gives your blood more oxygen. Oxygen is the fuel for your heart, cells, and healing. Without enough oxygen your skin sags, your eyes look dull and you age rapidly. Oxygen is the life-giving free fuel available to humanity and every living being on this planet. Use it fully. Affirm life. Slow the aging process down with oxygen filling your lungs to capacity with each breath.
Connect with me via e-mail to set up your private discovery session to see if you are a good fit for my work. I recommend daily meditation to help you breathe deeply and affirm life. We all need silence in our day to calm our mind activity and soothe our soul. If you feel you can’t meditate, know I have taught Indian clients to quiet their mind and meditate when they absolutely said they could not in three months. Private sessions available to help you stay present, affirm life and begin to shed the self-critiquing and mind chatter that doesn’t serve you. Join me in a state of living in bliss every day. 

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