You Clean Your House; Now Clear Your Mind and Energy Field

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Panache Desai and Jennifer in Florida 2011


When your energy vibrates at a frequency that is in direct alignment with what The Universe has been attempting to bring you your entire life, you begin to live in the FLOW and miracles start to happen. Panache Desai

We humans are comprised of energy. Our emotions are energy. Each time someone yells at us, or we have a negative thought, this affects our energy field. Our thoughts about illness, worry about money, our children, the world, terrorists, have fears, or become emotional in any way, our energy field is negatively affected.

Think of it this way; you decide to clean your home, organize your drawers and clean out all the old stuff that has been bothering you for years. You get rid of the size six clothes you don’t wear anymore. You let go of your bellbottoms and midriff-baring sweaters. You donate your used clothing and complete the task of organizing your closet. 
Your home feels fresh, light and clear. You feel elated, refreshed and positive that you let go of all that old stuff. Our clothing and belongings carry energy. If we have been through a divorce or break-up getting rid of things that cause you sadness when you look at them helps you feel better. You have let go of old energy that doesn’t serve you. 
What An Energy Clearing Does For You
When we feel guilt or shame, we are vibrating as low as a human can. Regret also carries a similar vibration to guilt. Sadness, grief, anger all have a vibration. To be able to conquer our world, create what we desire we have to be at the energy of LOVE or ABOVE. Getting an energy clearing is the fastest way to effect your field positively. 
Since 2007, I have been clearing people, animals, houses, and property with amazing results. My personal vibration is something I take responsibility for. I clear myself several times a week, even now. I have shared stories of the miracles and manifesting that I have Co-Created in videos and here on my blog. Even the trauma of rape, war, PTSD, sexual molestation can be cleared. 
What Do You Feel?
Everyone is different. What I have heard my clients say to me over the years ranges from peaceful and calm, to sleepy, light, positive and loved. Some people feel a slight tingling in their body as energy is released. Some people cry when I tap into something deep. Crying isn’t a bad thing; it is another form of release. 
Do You Have To Be Present To Receive The Benefits?
I have worked with people in India, Bali, Russia, Asia, Canada, The UK, Germany – in fact, all over the world. People report my presence in their energy field. Some even said they felt loved by me as I worked on them. Several woke up from a sound sleep when I began their clearing. The truth of the matter since we are all energy there is no distance. An energy clearing is equally beneficial whether you are in person or having a long-distance clearing done. 
Can A Person Be Cleared Without Them Knowing?
Absolutely! However, I have taken an oath never to do anything without the soul’s permission. I always ALWAYS ask permission to do a clearing without a person’s knowledge. It is a rare thing for the soul to say, “NO!” Your energy blueprint is free, light and clear. I return your soul to it’s natural blueprint. It is natural for the soul to be light. 
Does It Work?
Is it just as effective? ABSOLUTELY! In fact, here is a recounting of what one family experienced New Year’s Eve when I cleared their teenage son.
The boy was overly emotional. He was angry, frustrated and yelling at everyone in the household. He stormed off to be by himself. Within fifteen minutes of my clearing, he came downstairs and happily engaged with the family, cooking with his cousins and sister. His grandmother and father both noticed how differently he was after the clearing when they had no foreknowledge of it occurring. 
How Is It Done?
Burning sage can help to clear negativity
I always begin with a prayer for your highest and best good. I connect to The Divine/ Source Energy your  High Self, Guides and Soul Committees. I ask for the clearing to be done for each item. 
I am guided through Divine messages, words, visions and sometimes scents. Yesterday I worked on a woman and smelled sage. I asked her if she had sage in her home. She hesitated a little and then said, “I just cleared my entire home with sage!” I have to state here that many years ago, I used to burn sage regularly. Much of the energy that remained was still negative and powerful. I have found the energy clearing to be much more effective in removing patterns, blocks and deep emotional patterns and stuck energy.

Want To Try A Short Session? 
Your Suggested $20 Love Offering, more or less is appreciated. Here is the PayPal link for you. 
I Receive Divine Guidance About You
When I am working on someone or a group, I receive information of what needs to be done for the highest good of each person present in the clearing. I clear what I am Guided to clear. 
Can A Clearing Create A Problem?

An energy clearing allows your soul to be what it is meant to be light, positive, loving. 

What Benefits Do You Receive?
  • gives you an overwhelming sense of peace and calm
  • quiets mind chatter
  • mental clarity


  • blocks cleared
  • negative patterns cleared
  • feel happy
  • Generational poverty consciousness cleared
  • you feel positive
  • you feel stronger
  • you are grounded, centered and expanded
  • you feel loved
  • you become aligned with The Universal Energy of Love and Light
  • sleep better
  • better focus
  • you can accomplish so much more
  • emotions that have been reverberating out into the world unconsciously bringing you what you don’t want are removed.
  • chaos cleared
  • reactivity removed
Your Suggested $20 Love Offering, more or less is appreciated. Here is the PayPal link for you. 
Send me an e-mail to be entered into the drawing for a free three-part audio session valued at $98.00!


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Here are just some of the testimonials from those I have cleared over the years. 
I had a meth addiction for over three years. I could not quit. I had tried everything. Jennifer cleared me once. It was a gradual thing, but during 30 days I felt less and less inclined to want to imbibe. I realized within 30 days of the clearing that I was no longer addicted! This stuff really works! I highly recommend Jennifer’s services she is definitely of the Light and Powerful! Nicole Harrington
Jennifer, you helped me get out of my mind and into my heart. I love my husband more now after working with you than I have in years. Private client, CO
I am very impressed with the reading I got from selfoveguru….it was a bull’s eye and helped me a lot with my planning…. Jay Wilder

Stunning clearing! Jen you nailed the childhood problems I had and I’m so glad you helped clear them, I deeply appreciate it. Thank you, thank you thank you. Haha chocolate and ice cream – my staples. You nailed it again Monica Ryan


Thanks for your great work! I can really feel when you connect and send your loving energy! Patrik K. Germany


Good morning Jennifer, Just say: wow!Yesterday evening when you sent the message to me about starting, I felt my left hand starting to “sleep”, you know that feeling when you have been sleeping on a arm and the blood flow is reduced. After that I got a terrible headache and got so sleepy! I usually sleep very well at night but this was a very very deep sleep.Today I feel relaxed, calm. Curious. I asked my master guide a few things and got a very strong connection right away.I have to read through this a couple of times, I could never imagine it was so massive! 🙂


Thanks from of all of my heart this far! :)Hugs, PatrikCorrect indeed! 😉 Wonderful reading, feels like you have known Hanna for ages! 🙂 Hugs Patrik


Your Suggested $20 Love Offering, more or less is Appreciated. Here is the PayPal link for you. 
Send me an e-mail to be entered into the drawing for a free three-part audio session valued at $98.00!
Hey Jennifer
Had an amazingly busy week energy, business and greatness-wise. Here are the latest great things that happened since your clearing;
During the clearings I was wound a little tighter than normal and then the shift happened….
I had a makeup event in salon that was only 60% booked (which I always make myself sick over with stress and anxiety) and the evening before it was to happen I had a client text that she was bringing 3 extras and 5 minutes later another client text she was in town and wanted to attend which made the event almost full. It was wonderful!!
Next my client was selling freshwater pearl and leather belts and one of my other clients had been wanting one for over a year now but unable to pay the amount. When the designer came in to have her hair done she said she would drop it significantly and I was so happy to let my client know the next night and she was able to immediately purchase it. 
Before the makeup event the representative for our Jane Iredale line told me I was radiant and had great energy when I walked in. We then started talking about her family and Charleston and I found out her sister had just been diagnosed with Leukemia and was deteriorating quickly:(. I told her I would think positively for her and that I was sorry. An hour later she politely interrupted myself and my client with tears saying “I told you you had good energy today-my sister found a bone marrow donor and is being flown to Dallas ASAP. I was so lucky to be a part of that!!!
Thursday morning I noticed the regular homeless man outside the gym and realized I had forgotten to drop my husbands clothing off at Goodwill. I pulled to the man and asked if he wanted to browse and take what he needed and wanted and he happily took much of it. I spoke with him for a while and noticed he needed new shoes- asked his size and sent a text to some friends with tall husbands who may have large enough feet. I left that conversation feeling adrenaline the type you feel after you had almost been in a car wreck. Happy – true happy energy -flowing through my whole body and I squealed out loud with joy and excitement!!!
 All last week I was Giddy and playful and wasn’t stressing over employee drama at the salon. 
I pulled the trigger on a huge billboard for my salon and was lucky enough for one of my talented clients to happily help me with it when I asked. 
My Salon Media Kit was completed and will be personally sent out to 50+ contacts and I feel like I am giving birth to a whole new baby;)
Electrician had to come do unexpected work worth of $900 at the salon and then they told me it was only going to be $360!!!!
Was put in touch with the politician in charge of bringing the film industry to Atlanta and he immediately set up a face to face meeting at my salon to talk about how he can put me in contact with the right people to help!!  Huge!!!
Someone stopped a client at the gas station across from the salon to find out who gave her her haircut then came in the salon to book an appointment. 
I had a gift for my salon manager and gave it to her and let her know how much I appreciate and enjoy her!!  Timing was everything!!
Merging traffic  had also been great and I have been more patient and appreciative towards my husband-now to work on the sex part;)!!
I have forwarded your info out and hope they take advantage of your gift.  Thanks for touching my life!!!!
Jodi Grieshop
Your Suggested $20 Love Offering, more or less is Appreciated. Here is the PayPal link for you. 

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