How To Create Heaven On Earth 21 Easy Steps Even You Can Do

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Life for me is fun, enjoyable, inspiring bringing me new adventures every day. I am happy no matter where I am, who I am with or what I am doing. I can do absolutely nothing

(meditation) and still be happy with my life. I have learned how to play at this game and enjoy life. It wasn’t this way for over thirty years. I used to complain, be sickly, negative, unappreciative, miserable and yes folks, I was bitchy!

What Changed?
I stopped blaming others for my unhappiness. I healed my relationships with my parents and my brothers. I forgave everyone. I learned to love myself and be happy with me, instead of picking myself apart and beating myself up. I stopped looking at others with disdain and judgment for what they were doing or saying. I began to take responsibility for my happiness, health, and life. 
I Did My Own Research
I stopped going to doctors looking for help for my health instead looking within for the cause of my issues. I found that all of my health issues related to the way I felt about me. I discovered my negativity was killing me.
At one time, after a particularly expensive and debilitating divorce, I was terribly depressed. I was given Prozac to fix it. Taking a pill does not heal the cause of depression. Depression is caused by repressed anger. 
Anger Issues I Didn’t Know I Had
I was angry. Prozac didn’t remove the anger; it just stuffed it further down inside of me. Prozac caused me to fall asleep at the wheel. Only by the Grace of God did I survive to tell about it. I went off Prozac that same day, without my doctor’s approval. I have never looked back. My depression was cured by looking inside, recognizing I was angry and healing my anger issue. Now I do this work for others.
7 Layers Of Anger
Anger is one of the emotions that society allows us to express. Well, sort of. You can’t beat your kids, wife, husband or partner. However, you can yell, vent and hit baseballs or hammer nails into a board or punch a pillow to allow the anger out. I found that clearing anger is very effective. I get to the root cause of the issue and clear that. Clearing the root cause heals rather than stuffing the issue down into the tissues.

I understood that life was working for me, rather than against me.

I Stopped Blaming Everyone
When we live the life of a victim, as I did we aren’t taking responsibility for our part in our life. Whether it was childhood molestation as I had, abuse, emotional abandonment it doesn’t matter. I recognized that what happened to me in childhood was a way to teach me that I didn’t love me. Once I recognized that The Universe and God serve us by giving us situations to heal our issues, I understood that life was working for me, rather than against me.
I stopped Fighting With Everyone
I didn’t realize how cantankerous I was till much later. I fought with everyone. I argued about everything. My family of origin did much to encourage this type of communication, it was the only way my father knew how to communicate with my mother. My father and mother were both angry people. Of course, I learned this from them. Over time, I recognized that not everyone communicates in this way. I found positive ways to get my point across. I found ways to discuss rather than fight.
I Became More Loving
When I stopped hating, fighting and arguing, I softened. I became more loving and accepting of myself and others. I stopped hating myself. I began to recognize my gifts, my beauty, my talents, and abilities. I began to be grateful for what I had. 
Until I began to love me, I didn’t recognize all that I had. I divorced a man who worked hard, made a lot of money and provided a beautiful home for myself and my two boys. I had everything I ever wanted materially and was never so lonely, or unhappy. All the material things that I dreamed of only served to show me my internal misery. I blamed my husband for being unhappy. I focused on the amount he was gone, and that I had to raise the boys on my own. 
I Began To See The Good In My Life
When I started to look up, rather than down, I saw the sunshine instead of mud. I saw what was wonderful rather than only seeing the bad. I began to smile more. I enjoyed the simple things in life rather than feeling I needed the material to make me happy. I recognized it didn’t. 
When I was in my blame mode or victim-mentality, I didn’t love all my family. I turned away from them. Healing my relationships with all my family members was a huge part in shifting from unhappy to happy. When we are happy with ourselves, we see the good in others as well. I began to see that my mother being an orphan at five, did the best she could do with what she was given. She softened when I did. My father was angry for good reasons. He never knew how to handle it and died at 73 with myeloblastic leukemia. 
Cancer is caused by deep resentment, secrets, and hurts eating away at the self. This can be cured with deep introspection energy healing and total forgiveness. Most people only look at the quick fix, rather than the root cause. Without clearing the root, cause cancer can return with a vengeance. 
Thoughts Create
Once I realized that my negativity was killing me, I focused on overcoming it. I was careful to think and say things that were positive. I had over thirty years of programming and bad habits to overcome, but because I was determined to heal, I persevered. My determination to be happy was what was driving me. I knew I wanted to experience enlightenment in my lifetime, it was a dream from the time I was sixteen. I did it in 2012.

Meditation and Silence

I sat in stillness and silence every day. I did a process called Ascension daily for over eight years. My mind chatter stopped. My mind became quiet. I made it a habit to meditate at least twice a day. I toned, cleared and focused on letting in the light, opening my heart, allowing myself to be who I truly am. I stopped thinking of myself as a bad person and totally fell in love with me. Self-love is not ego driven. In fact, it is ego-less. When we allow ourselves to BE LOVE, we become who we truly are.
Self-Actualization and Enlightenment
Once we get to know ourselves, as if we are dating us, we know what we want, don’t want, what makes us happy, what takes us away from happiness. We find our passion and soul purpose. We stop trying to fix others or make others happy. We recognize that everyone has their own experience. Each person is playing at their personal board game of life. I used to do things the hard way. I gave that up when I recognized life doesn’t need to be hard. We choose to make it hard or easy with our beliefs and thoughts.
Miracles and Fun
Finding work that I loved made a huge difference for me. I opened For Heaven Scapes, Ltd with the encouragement of my husband at the time. I had taken a course with The University of Georgia and became a Master Gardener. I loved to garden. I found I had hidden talents for design. My company did well. I loved what I did for the first time in my life. I was giving back and therefore; it came back to me. For Heaven Scapes, Ltd taught me lessons about joy and happiness. I learned that when I was happy and in the FLOW state, doing what I loved that my phone rang, and money poured in. 

I began to shift my focus to what was positive and wonderful instead of only looking at the negative and what was missing. As I did more healing work on myself, I took course after course becoming certified in five healing modalities because I saw what wonders they did for me in my process of becoming happy. I began to do healing work on others while landscaping. After eleven years I moved to Boulder, Colorado to pursue healing full time.
I found that I was happiest having adventures, traveling and being with my children. So I did my best to see them whenever I could. I spent all my money on travel so that we could be together. I found that the delight I had being with my children was one of my biggest joys. I chose to live now, rather than wait to retire to be happy and travel. 
I Lived My Passion
I found my passions. I love to write, so I write books and a blog (now over 600 posts). I found that helping people fulfilled me, so I made a business being myself and doing what I love. 
I love the ocean, so I drove three hours each way at least twice a month in the summer, spring and fall. I didn’t wait for someone to go with me; I lived for me. I loved my dogs, so I traveled with them and walked them several times a day. I found that being outdoors was healing, so I moved and began to dance daily – outside. I didn’t care who was watching me. I was living for me, no one else.
What Can You Do Starting NOW?
  1. Stop making excuses and procrastinating and do it NOW!
  2. Create your life with positive thoughts rather than negativity. Watch and listen to your thoughts. 
  3. Take responsibility for your happiness. Don’t wait for someone else to do it for you. No one can make you happy but you!
  4. Stop looking outside of you for joy, fulfillment or bliss. You are the creator of your life. Look inside. 
  5. Get to know yourself. Date yourself. Ask yourself questions. Find out what you love, don’t love and do what you love!
  6. Spend time alone with you. Without time alone with you, there will be no intimacy in your life. Solitude builds compassion for others and gives you freedom. Without solitude, you have no freedom.
  7. Focus on the good in you. Look at your positive traits expand them. Do things that focus on your bliss.
  8. Do what you love! If you love the beach – go! If you love to swim – swim! If you love to walk outdoors – do it! Do what you love every single day. Dance, play and have fun.
  9. Life is short have a ball! Travel, have adventures and create more fun in your life. Once you die, there are no adventures or opportunities to use that money. You can’t take it with you.
  10. Connect within. Find your Divinity within you. Sit in silence. Meditate daily. 
  11. Listen. Turn off your Ipad, cell phone and television. Enjoy the stillness of silence. You can’t hear your Guidance when you have headphones plugged into your ears.
  12. Live simply. Don’t buy extra cars, a huge house that you only live in a portion. Buy what you need. The Universe doesn’t like the waste.
  13. Don’t waste. Don’t waste time, money, or love on those who don’t appreciate it.
  14. Have connected sex! If you don’t have a partner, romance yourself. Take a hot bath with candles. Enjoy pleasure in its many forms. Take things slow.
  15. Don’t settle. How often do we stay in a relationship just to have someone, only to feel we wasted our life away being with someone that didn’t treat us well, or that didn’t love us (or vice versa). 
  16. Love your body and treat it with respect. Don’t put anything on it or in it that doesn’t support your vibrant health. 
  17. Give gratitude daily. Wake up and say, “Thank you!” Be grateful for everything you have including your paycheck. 
  18. Never give up on yourself. You are worth it, or you wouldn’t have been put on this planet at this time. You are part of the community of humanity. You are a part of the whole and are needed here. So get on with it and LOVE YOURSELF!
  19. Hire me! It took me over thirty years to get to this place. I can help give you a leg up, guide you through the pitfalls and pick you up when you need it. Have you gotten to your happy place on your own? Working with someone who is enlightened raises your vibration and shifts your perspective. People who wanted to become enlightened travel to India to work with gurus. I am here. 
  20. Write, journal and do introspection about where you are where you came from and where you are going. Writing helps you connect with The Universal Force and often gives you insight into what you are experiencing. 
  21. Ask questions. Asking questions of your Guides, The Universe, and Masters on the other side can help guide you through difficult times. 
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