22 Principles of Truth That Will Realize Your Dreams Come True

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

There are ways of being in this world that allow us to receive wealth, success, and riches quickly. Unfortunately, when we focus on our money problems all we receive are more problems with poverty. To create wealth, or receive love, we have to be in that state. 


I know it sounds crazy. To receive prosperity, we have to be in the energy of abundance. To receive love, we have to vibrate in the energy of love. We have to BE what we want to have. There are many laws that I will speak of; that will help explain why this is the case.

1. Energy and Vibration

Money is energy. Love is energy. We are energy. The Universe is energy. To attract something we must match the vibration of what we want to draw to us. To magnetize love to us, we have to be vibrating at the energy of the love state. If we feel empty, lost, broken, alone or lonely, it is next to impossible to attract a loving relationship. The more we focus on wanting a partner, the more the partner doesn’t come in. Often when we are at our happiest and not looking do we find our Beloved. It was how I met my Twin Flame.

2. Birds Of A Feather – Like Attracts Like

Energy is moldable. Since we are energy, we can feel what our energetic state is emitting. If we feel positive, happy and upbeat, our vibration is high, we feel good. 

When we are worried, in fear or doubt, we feel bad, our solar plexus which is our power center is

constricted and we feel small or weak. (The solar plexus is the chakra just below the heart. Many couples are photographed with their hand over their spouses solar plexus as a control measure.

3. Be The Energy of What You Want To Create To get wealth, we have to embody wealth. We have to feel and think wealth. We have to feel rich to become rich. 

4. You Already Have What You Need Inside You

We were taught poverty consciousness. We were taught to worry about losing money, or spending all our money. We were taught that money is scarce. Our natural state is abundant. Our natural state is also that of love. We have to get out of our way to have what we desire.

5. You Are Not Punished

Life circumstances are meant to teach you about yourself so that you can grow and evolve. The events in your life are the universe conspiring to assist you. The problems show up to teach you about your resistance, limiting beliefs, lack of focus and faith.

6. Intend and Focus

Most people have such scattered thoughts today, texting, social media and other mundane tasks take people away from positively focused creation. Without focus, we lose our money. Without giving our attention to love, it goes away also. We have to focus on the things that have meaning and value. Intend to be wealthy. Intend to have love. Then feel that emotional state consistently.

7. Watch Your Thoughts

The thoughts you are thinking today create your tomorrow right now. Focus only on what you desire, rather than dwelling on how little money you have to pay bills. Instead, affirm, “I have plenty of money to pay my bills on time.” Using the following: “The Universe is always and in every way supporting me.” Focus your thoughts consistently on what you want and expect The Universe to bring it to you. Thoughts take the time to manifest. We are the cause of all we see. Your present results from previous thoughts.

8. Clarity of Desire

You must be crystal clear about what you desire. If you want a car, for example, you must know what make you want, the color, style, interior color, type of upholstery on the seats. Thinking you want a “nice car,” won’t bring you the car you want. Get detailed and clear.

9. Use Your Imagination

Einstein said imagination was of far greater importance than intellect. With imagining, we can tap into Source, which is the creative energy of The Universe. This Divine Mind is infinitely creative. We expand when we can connect with The Divine Mind.

10. Meditate, Relax and Be Silent

Meditation is how we connect to The Divine or Source energy. We can receive information and truth through meditation. Inspiration comes through repose. Sitting still in quiet inward reflection allows Guidance to flow through you. 

11. Forgive

You might be wondering what forgiveness has to do with having what you desire? Forgiveness causes you to be more open and tolerant. Letting go of past hurts using forgiveness expands your consciousness opening you up to something new.

12. Don’t Worry – Be Happy!

Worry is not constructive. Worry just creates more of what you worry about. Instead, focus on feeling the desire that you want to create. If you want to be wealthy focus your energy of feeling rich. Envision what you want with clarity. Do not focus on your outside circumstances as they are temporary. Being broke is temporary. Everything can change in the blink of an eye.

12. Create Miracles

With focused intention, certainty, detachment and gratitude you can create everyday miracles. If you click on this link, I list all the steps in a video of how to create miracles in your life. 

13. Ask And It Is Given

If you ask, you will receive. The secret is you cannot have a shred of doubt. The Universe already knows what you are going to ask before you ask. Manifesting is like playing a game. The rules of the game require you to have faith you will receive your desire. With a clear focus, active prayers (NO BEGGING) while being in a state of happiness or love you will receive your desire. You don’t have to put a time limit on your goal either. Expect it to happen in an instant. The Universe may have some hefty orchestrating to perform to bring your desire to fruition.

14. Act As If

Begin acting as if you already have it. Use words and phrases that affirm your unfailing belief. For example, rather than say, I will be rich, use, “I AM A MILLIONAIRE. I AM RICH.” Whenever you use the words I AM, the Universe brings it to you. Remember only use the words I AM preceding a positive phrase, rather than “I AM SICK.”

15. Be Grateful

Gratitude gives your manifestation wings. The Universe’s payment is your gratitude. Heartfelt gratitude is an emotion that opens your heart and raises your vibration instantly. Say “Thank you, ” all day long. Find little things to be grateful for. 

16. Cheerful Giving

The law of Cause and Effect is at play here. When you give, you get. When you give love to you, you receive love in return. When you give to others, you will receive multiplied. The more you give, the more that comes back to you. Give spontaneously. If you see a homeless man on the street, buy him food, give him a jacket, or bottle of water or coffee. Give without looking for something in return. Giving needs to be done with an open heart. Give with Grace. When you receive, do so gratefully.

Pay Your bills cheerfully. You have received a service. Make your payment with gratitude. Be grateful that you have the ability to pay your bills.

17. Receive Graciously

When someone does something nice for you, be gracious. Say Thank you! Even your paycheck comes from The Divine and The Universe. Make sure you say thank you before you deposit your next check. Be grateful for all that you have, all that you can give and all that you receive.

18. Steadfast and Unfailing Faith

Faith is rewarded. You will receive what you desire if you have faith it is on its way to you. Right now! Do not doubt. Do not blink an eye or worry that The Divine needs help. I assure you your clarity, faith and focus are all that is required. 

19. The Universe Is Infinite and Abundant

Focus on the fact that The Universe is unlimited. There is always an abundance in Nature and The Universe. Belief in scarcity will keep money and love in short supply.

20. Go Where Imagination And Desire Take You

Source gives you what you want, so be clear on the details. Use your imagination to create a clear, detailed picture of your desire. 

Envision your dream home, near the beach, with courtyard, pool in the backyard and beautiful garden area. Be detailed in your

envisioning. See it. Feel what it would feel like to have it. Then believe it! Focus on your creation daily. If it is a trip you want to take, go to a travel agency, get some brochures, look at flights, dates, itinerary. Think big! If you want wealth, think of the reasons you want to have all this money. Envision the travel, vacations, homes, and charities you want to donate to in great detail. How do you desire to change the world with this money?

21. Live In The Present Moment

Do not dwell on the past. Playing back old memories or stories brings the past into the present. To create anything you must be in the present. When you can live in the present as if it is a fresh experience you begin to live free of judgment. You stop expecting your spouse to act a certain way and give others the freedom to be different, to change themselves. Nothing is static. Therefore, everything is subject to change. The Past, present and future are all happening simultaneously. Ensure you are present, or you will miss out on something grand.

22. Choose Happiness

Living in a state of happiness at all times allows you to grow into an even greater version of yourself. Don’t spend all day daydreaming in a half aware state. Accidents can happen when you are not focused on the present. Awake to the present moment by breathing deeply and slowly. Exhale slowly and completely. Breathe in again slowly. Repeat at least three times. The present gives you clues, brings you the right people and circumstances.

Focus on BEING, being prepared mentally, secondly and preparing your body. Actions are the last step in the process of creation and manifesting.

You are an infinite being of spirit. You have everything you need inside of you.
Never stop learning and growing. Learning allows your spirit to experience expansion becoming your true infinite nature.

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