Orgasm For Life – Drill Sargeant In The Bedroom

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Drill Sergeant in The Bedroom

Is this you?

Excerpt from Orgasm For Life

We all have emotions from egos. Most of us are very sensitive when it comes to criticism in the bedroom. We can feel so vulnerable when we are totally naked in front of another person. Asking for what we want needs to be done with care along with loving support, rather than criticism. The good news is: there is a way. Instead of yelling at your partner, “Drop down and give me twenty!”  Giving a compliment for what your partner did well always needs to proceed, “Can you use more tongue, okay baby, that’s the spot!” 

Staying quiet within the confines of marriage or partnership about your needs to keep your partner’s ego protected creates anger, resentment, usually resulting in mediocre sex. Most men know exactly what they like. They can describe what they enjoy in bed in exacting detail. When you can do the same for your partner, you will be hopping onto the pleasure pony. Are you ready for really great sex?  When you have electrically charged orgasms consistently, you will feel empowered, more secure, confident, and refreshed because you will tap into your inner power.

Rejecting Sex And Love

The bottom line is if he or she isn’t getting it at home, you are pushing them out the door to get some with someone else. You can hide your head in the sand, but rejecting your partner’s sexual advances is passive aggressive and abusive. Some would even call it torture. What is loving about rejection? I’ve got nothing. 

In relationships where one partner is abusing, hurting, harming or causing physical or emotional pain, get out as soon as you can. No one should be hurting or harming you. Sex is not required in these relationships. It is very difficult to relax and let go when you don’t know when your partner will harm you.

Rejected And Neglected

When your partner turns you down for sex repeatedly, you may feel hurt, rejected, or unattractive. You may wonder what you have done to be cut off from physical contact and affection. You might even know what happened. When sex stops happening with regularity because one person doesn’t want to, it can make you feel sad, lonely and cut-off within the relationship. Many feel vindicated enough to step outside of the marriage and have an affair. Without frequent love-making, the rejected person may feel resentful, angry, or even spiteful. 

Although this couple may remain together, pain and suffering can result. One or both of you may feel depressed. You might gain weight or begin drinking, masturbating, or fantasizing about co-workers or other forms of behavior. All these things can destroy a relationship. To be honest, I don’t understand why one party would turn down a good Rogering. Ask your partner why? It might not be about you, but rather about them. It could be their job, pressure, depression. If you don’t ask questions about what is wrong, you are missing the opportunity for intimacy, and repair. What if your partner is not feeling loved, attractive or good enough. Asking questions can shift your relationship. It shows caring and compassion. What could I do, say or offer to you that you would know that you are completely loved?

Rejection can have a tremendous impact on the jilted person’s sense of self. Waiting for the other to die to be free occurs in extreme cases. Continued rejection leads to a robotic existence of pain and suffering, void of any spiritual significance without love or caring. You are not living fully. In fact, a part of you is dying. You are just going through the motions of life, sinking further and further into depression and darkness.  

I experienced the pain of rejection and betrayal of an affair personally. When I recognized my last husband was having an affair, I felt unattractive, depressed and wondered what was wrong with me. I could not understand why he had an affair when I never turned him down for sex He returned from a solo ski trip and wouldn’t even hug me. He turned me down for sex but masturbated in the shower. His issue was deeper than I ever dreamed. His uncle molested him as a child. He was wrestling with inner demons in an attempt to make sense of what was going on internally. It had nothing to do with me. It was all about him. He was struggling with his masculinity. 

When I got passed my denial of the issues, it was glaringly obvious. Had I been paying close attention from the beginning, I would have seen what my daughter did. He never kissed me passionately. Instead his kisses were smacks rather than kisses. He preferred sex from behind, or oral sex performed on him, never opening his eyes to look at me. I was the wrong sex! 

Rejection can happen for many reasons. Asking probing questions without judgment can help you both uncover the reasons for the issues. It could be that there is a miscommunication. Sometimes we 
become very upset with our partner over the smallest of things. Letting your mate know that you are concerned and want to work things out can be all that needs to happen. Sometimes, all we need from our partner is to know that we are loved, accepted and loved.

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