Orgasm For Life: An Apology The Shoe-In

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Excerpt from Orgasm For Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters
The No Holds Barred Guide for BLISS!

If a conflict is left unresolved, it could be a cold snowy day in Miami before you have sex again. Women can’t fight with their partner during the day, then cartwheel into the splits in bed ready to open their legs at night. Disagreements need to be resolved before bedtime if you want to have good oral sex. 

Going to bed angry is never a good thing. Sometimes we can’t help it. A genuine apology and acknowledgment of our partner’s experience can smooth the waters, opening the door to intimacy. I know several men who never apologized in all the years they were married. A person who can’t apologize is operating from ego rather than their heart. These men were just plain stupid. 

A genuine apology will get you more sex than flowers will. I was married to one of these stupid men. When the fairer sex are the only ones apologizing, there will be more snow in Miami! There are many things to be remembered for, this is not one that should go down in the Guinness Book of World Records! It takes a really big person to apologize and a small one to hold a grudge. That apology will get you more loving than you ever thought possible. Just make sure you mean it.

Women are emotional creatures. We need romance, appreciation, acceptance and to feel loved. Women don’t feel loved when dinner has been criticized or we have been berated. We won’t have sex with our partners if they don’t apologize for being an ass. We are different from men. Our mind has to be in the game, or we simply turn off. We can be really stubborn creatures at times. I have known women to hang onto anger for months. Forgiveness is better for you than the person you forgive. When you are able to let go of the past, you will be much more likely to become ecstatic in the bedroom.

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