How To Use Prayer To Improve Your Life

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When deep faith is present, prayer is powerful. Prayer without faith is impotent. I use prayer daily. My life changed when I recognized that all my prayers were heard and answered. I receive clear signs in my life that this is true. Many have no idea how to pray and therefore fail to use this strong medium of connection with Spirit. 


I will share with you the prayers that give you the fastest results and which ones don’t work at all. 

If prayer doesn’t work without faith, then what is faith? 
Faith is belief. 
Powerful, belief that without a doubt your prayer is answered. 
Humans are impatient. We are often completely obtuse. We receive our answered prayer and don’t recognize it. 
In my article about The Spirituality of Money, I wrote about praying to ask that my bank accounts would be filled. I have been working to help rape victims recover as well as those who have been sexually molested. I help others heal their marriages or breast cancer. I prayed that I help people with my work. The three airline tickets, passport I had expedited in order to travel to Atlanta, Denver and Toronto to be present with my mother, aunt and family members, would help others also. My travel was not for personal intent but helping others. This prayer was a win-win, as the money I receive goes toward helping others. 

The Fastest Response

Prayers that involve help or the good of others are answered quickly. Prayers that ask for healing for others happen faster than prayers for ourselves. Prayers that involve a win-win for all concerned are the fastest of all. When we pray together with others, our prayers are much more powerful. 

Let Go of Worry and Pray Instead

Worry is a waste of time and energy. Instead, pray. If you are worried about someone, pray for them. Pray that their High Self is fully present in their body. Pray for their highest and best outcome. Pray for their healing.

The Rolling Stones had it correct when they sang, “You don’t get what you wa’ant, you get what you need!” When we pray selfishly for something that really doesn’t help us, we get what we need, rather than what we want. Often as soon as we receive the thing we wanted selfishly we no longer want it. 

What Doesn’t Work

  1. begging
  2. thinking you know better than God
  3. fighting with God
  4. arguing or complaining to God
  5. asking for someone else to be hurt, smote or killed
  6. asking for revenge
  7. saying that life isn’t fair
  8. acting or thinking that you have all the answers

God doesn’t appreciate begging. We have to have respect for ourselves. Remember the verse, God helps those who help themselves? It is true. However, we have to ask. We can allow the Universe to do the heavy lifting for us by asking.

What Works

  1. saying you are helpless
  2. saying you don’t have all the answers
  3. recognizing your frailty
  4. being humble
  5. getting on your knees out of respect
  6. praying outside in the sunlight
  7. giving thanks for what you have before asking for anything else
How Do I Pray?
  • Always begin by giving thanks. When we are grateful for what we have we can receive more. 
  • Ask for help. When we are helpless, the angels and God can help us. 
  • Remember to ASK!
  • Be humble, but don’t beg
  • Be respectful towards yourself and God
  • Be loving. As you give to God, God also gives to you
  • Remember whatever you send out is returned to you 1,000 fold
When you receive what you asked for remember to give thanks! Sometimes, we don’t notice when our prayers are answered. Be awake and aware enough to see, hear and feel when your prayers are answered.
Ask questions. “How can I effortlessly and easily have _______?”
What Can You Pray For?
Anything that is important to you or your family members is worthy of prayer. Pray for a family member’s health, for healing, for fears to be eradicated. Pray for the ability to pay your bills effortlessly and easily with money left over. Remember to give gratitude for your home, food and health daily.
Recently, my daughter Ariel had a very difficult test at culinary school. She was extremely stressed and anxious about it. I prayed for her ability to get her work done with plenty of time so that she would pass. She completed her fruit tart, cake complete with icing and making dinner rolls from scratch all the way through to baked ~ not burned. She finished plating everything with thirty minutes to spare and passed!

What If I Have Nothing To Be Grateful For?

Look around you for something that is working. Be grateful for the sun that shines and sets, the food that you eat, your health, your life, nature, beauty, waking up another day, friends, family, healing, vibrant health, fingers, toes, legs, eyes, mind and body. When you begin to show and give gratitude for the little things, your life will begin to improve.

The Cascade of Miracles Prayer
Over the years, I have been given meditations, prayers and phrases to say or repeat that are powerful. I was given The Cascade of Miracles Prayer four years ago. I have been praying it for others for great success. I have received countless testimonials about the miracles that occur for those that have received this prayer. When you pray this prayer for others, you receive miracles also.
My Gift To YOU – The Cascade of Miracles Prayer
Mother, Father God, I ask for a Cascade of Miracles to unfold in all areas of your life. From your vibrant health, for you and your family to healthy financial situation, wealth and abundance, I ask for miracles to unfold in all areas of your finances and your relationships. I ask that love flow, through you, around you and all your friendships and relationships. 
I ask for your relationships to be healed. I ask for a Cascade of Miracles to heal your heart, your mind and body. I ask for these miracles to continue to unfold for you as long as you are grateful to receive them. I know that these miracles will be received. I know that nothing is impossible and everything is possible through you. 
Thank you! Thank you Thank you! Amen. 

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