Does Your Posture Radiate Confidence To The World?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

As an observer of life and a mother, I notice how people walk into a room, stand and sit. I have reminded my youngest hundreds of times to stand up straight and tall to project her best self. Notice your posture right now. Are your shoulders back, is your chin up and chest out? Or are you hunched over barely able to hold yourself upright?

Why is posture so important?
If you want to live a long healthy life and be pain-free, your good posture is paramount. You will have the bonus of projecting positive vibes out into the world at the same time. You exude confidence when you stand up straight.
Your posture messages all you meet how you feel about yourself before you even say one word. Rounded shoulders signal low self-esteem and insecurity. You may have difficulties meeting strangers or social awkwardness.
If your neck is protruding forward, you care deeply about your family, but will probably suffer from tension headaches and neck problems. Correct this soon or you could have a hump in the middle of your back by the time you are in your mid-fifties, not to mention headaches and serious issues with degeneration of the upper vertebrae.
incorrect posture on left correct on right
What Is Good Posture?
  • chin up
  • shoulders back and down
  • chest lifted 
  • tailbone tucked slightly under
  • tummy in –  you have to suck it in!
  • pelvis slightly tilted upward
  • imagine a string from the top of your head pulling you up
Standing straight with your spine in alignment will help you live a longer healthier life. When you stand up straight, your organs don’t struggle for oxygen. You feel more powerful. 
Sitting Upright
Ensure that when you are seated in a chair, you aren’t slouching and hunched over. Breathe deeply, shoulders back and chin up. 
Superheroes Do It!
Wonderwoman had great posture. She was powerful and confident. Okay, she is a superhero. But what superhero have you ever seen that slouched over or had their neck protruding? Standing with your hands on your hips for 3 minutes before a presentation or event will increase your confidence immediately. Try it; you’ll like it. 
You gotta love those red boots! Linda, where ever did you get them?
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