Our Mind Is Not Our Friend

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

The mind is everything. What you think you become. Buddha


Our mind can bring us great joy, or intense suffering. Harnessing the power of the mind by turning our attention inward can be a challenge when we allow our mind to run amok. With an inner focus we can heal our obsessive thoughts, depression and even illness. 


A strong identification with our ego-mind (conscious mind) can cause us tremendous suffering. Our minds can create stories that aren’t real. Believing the stories we have created creates chaos and conflict in our outer world. The thoughts we think and our resistance to what is happening can cause us to feel bad both mentally and physically. Our mind can cause us to have intense emotional reactions, pain in our physical body because we believe these stories. We can create migraines, back pain and illnesses like Diabetes, Fibromyalgia, Cancer and Auto-Immune disorders. 


Physical pain and illness is caused by our internal conflict and resistance.


Drinking alcohol, taking drugs or reaching for sweets to numb the pain is resistance to it.  


The stories our mind creates of not being good enough, not being loved, accepted or unwanted are the source of our pain and suffering. 

Ways Our Mind Causes Us To Suffer
  1. Worrying about things we can’t control.
  2. Ending a relationship just as things begin to go well.
  3. Thinking happiness can’t last.
  4. Having fear
  5. Waiting for the other shoe to drop.
  6. Feeling not good enough.
  7. Thinking people don’t like you.
  8. Feeling unable to care for yourself or helpless as an adult.
  9. Feeling there is no way out or trapped.
  10. Looking for approval from others.
  11. Attracting negative people into your life that could hurt you.
  12. Thinking that alcohol or drugs will make you feel better.

Our need to control everything around us is our mind trying to hold onto what we believe will make us happy. Often as soon as we get what we thought we wanted, we aren’t happy with that either.

A client recently called me in a terrible emotional state. In fact, she burst into tears as soon as I answered the phone. She was upset by something that she thought had happened because of a post she read on FaceBook. She was reacting to the story that her mind created about what she read. Rather than going to the source and asking what did this mean, she created drama and trauma for herself and her friend. 

I remember when my emotions ruled my life. All the past trauma I had experienced caused me to stuff emotions. The trapped emotions in my cellular body from past experiences created havoc in my relationships and my world. Everywhere I turned there was conflict because I had a conflict inside of me. I felt self-loathing because I hadn’t healed the past. I felt regret for all that had happened and I hadn’t realized that all those past experiences were the catalyst for tremendous growth spiritually. Once I let go of the past stories, my body healed too.
How often do you react rather than be the witness?
Harnessing The Power Of The Mind
Turning inward and focusing on what is going on inside of us allows us to see the source of the pain. Ask yourself questions, rather than jumping to conclusions.
  • What am I feeling?
  • Do I feel unloved or unworthy?
  • Am I comparing myself to others?
  • Is the thought I am having real?
  • Is what I am thinking true, or imagined?
  • Am I creating this fear from a past experience?
  • When have I felt this way before?
  • How can I feel loved right now?


Our natural state is bliss. If you aren’t feeling happy and joyful, what is it you are feeling? How can you shift your emotional state to one of love and happiness? What can you do right now that will help you feel completely loved? 

Mantras Heal The Mind

I have found that mantras are the fastest path to healing the mind and the crazy stories we tell ourselves. Mantras calm and soothe the mind by creating congruency in the mind and therefore the body as well. Using mantras right before sleep helps you go into a deep state of sleep where healing occurs. 

Don’t believe in mantras and meditation?

I had a client from India tell me she couldn’t meditate. She had far too much mental chatter to meditate and resisted my recommendation to do so. She continued to do her daily prayers until one day; I suggested she just try to do the meditation. Within

three months this woman was totally free of mental chatter! She let go of her resistance and opened up to a new idea. When we let go of her resistance, miraculously her mind quieted. Amazing!

Mantras change our chemistry from acidic to alkaline. Our body will heal as our chemistry changes to alkaline. 

5 Ways To Activate The Mind’s Natural Opiates and Get High on Life

I am loved
I am safe
I am secure
I am beautiful
I am powerful
I am strong
God loves me
I am loved

I am strong, powerful, happy, harmonious and loving.

Our mind can be a source of great joy when we harness its power and substitute positive thoughts or mantras that play in the background of our mind. We can even heal depression by harnessing our mind’s incredible power. Using mantras daily while doing mundane tasks will reprogram the mind to be in our natural state of joy, bliss, and health. 

Contact Jennifer if you are committed to live a life of great joy, bliss, and happiness. Jennifer will empower you and help you be all you are meant to be. 



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