Creating Magic and Extraordinary Sex Through Tantric Ritual

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Tantric ritual brings the sacred into your sexual experience by slowing down the mind and movement to create ecstasy through all of your senses. More than any time before, we need to get out of the mundane turn off phones, televisions and see each other through loving, gentle eyes. 

Each of us is a tantric lover because we were born as Divine, pure loving beings. 

Tantra isn’t all about sex. You don’t have to twist your body or your partner’s into a Kama Sutra position to do tantra. Many people think that Tantra is all about sex. 

Tantra is conscious connection bringing presence and sacredness into your relationship. Tantra is love. Yes, Tantra is about sex, but it is also about life. Tantra combines spirituality and sexuality to deepen your self-awareness, bring about empowerment and can be a sacred way of life.

Tantra allows a safe space to heal shame, guilt and non-acceptance of our sexual selves. Our sacred gifts are associated with the first two chakras where so many of us have had shame and non-acceptance. Opening up and healing these parts of ourselves allows us to tap into those beautiful, creative gifts. Living a Tantric life opens doorways to healing and balancing our feminine and masculine aspects to feel whole. Living a tantric life allows us to see the sacred and Divine in all things. Tantra is all about love and acceptance. 

How Can You Become A Tantric Lover?

Inviting more love and presence into your lovemaking will allow you to begin to create a sacredness in your bedroom. Below are seven ways to begin creating the extraordinary through Tantric ritual. 

1.  Make your bedroom a sacred placeMake sure your room is clean and sheets are freshly washed to invite in the sacred. There is nothing like the sumptuous and sensuous feel and smell of freshly laundered linens. Tantra is about accessing all of your senses with beautiful experiences.

2. Create an altar in your bedroom where you have pictures of the two of you, light candles together and light incense.

Take a sacred bath or shower together. Being clean when we come together shows a reverence for our partner. 

3. Meditate together and set an intention to make love, rather than “have sex” before you begin. Connect to your highest selves and envision a third field (the morphogenic field) around the two of you. Meditation before lovemaking drops you into your heart with your breath, rather than making love in your mind. Bringing your focus in your heart for your lovemaking session will create a different focus that just genitalia. 

4. Give your partner a slow, sacred massage. Tantra slows your to experience and create each moment as special. Massage helps you both get into your body fully so that you are completely present and

feel more deeply. Massage your partner’s hands, fingers, feet, and toes, avoid touching genitals just yet, tease and come close, penetrating the buttocks with your fingertips, squeeze and rub the ear lobes, and gently rub the forehead. 

5. Commit to being present during your lovemaking. Make eye contact with one another. If you have a tendency to leave your body during sex, let your partner know. Communication with your partner to stay with you through eye contact can be enough to keep your partner with you consciously. Being present during lovemaking allows vulnerability to occur, walls to come down and love to expand.

6. Gentlemen hold your seed. All Tantric traditions teach and encourage men to retain their ejaculate so that their body and chakras are energized rather than drained after sex. Men become more focused, clear and present as a result.

Holding back your semen allows lovemaking to continue for hours rather than minutes. Your erection will ebb and return many times allowing you to experience waves of orgasm throughout your entire body, for longer expanses rather than just in your genitalia. Breathe and expand your sexual energy up into your stomach, then heart expanding it upward into your forehead. There are many benefits to semen retention. 

7. Let go of agendas. Tantra is about taking the circuitous route. The focus in Tantra is not the result but the journey. Slow, soft touch, gentle, barely touching, kissing, feather light touch, deep, expanded experiences. 

You don’t have to redecorate your bedroom or spend money to have an extraordinary sexual tantric experience. These are suggestions for you to create presence in your life, love and sexual experiences rather than rushing through to the result, the orgasm. Life will be over before you know it, taking the time to enjoy each moment will bring you much more happiness, joy, and bliss than you ever thought possible. Notice my smile?

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