5 Ways To Get Unstuck and Out of A Crappy Mood

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Your motherboard crashes, your Internet goes down, you get into a fight with your partner or best friend and you wonder is it just you? When nothing is going right pushing another bad move isn’t in your best interest. There are ways to get out of a funk or bad vibe.


If doing things your regular way isn’t feeling right rather than continuing to do the same thing or make another decision that nets a loss here are some ways to handle and rid yourself of that funk, stagnant and shitty mess.

When Venus is in retrograde, till April 15th, you may feel unloved, or that you aren’t getting the love you need. You may feel where you are spending your money isn’t netting you the results you expected: NO LOVE! That is what Venus in retrograde does. 
Here are 5 Ways to Get Unstuck
1. Play some music to get you moving and shift your mood. Here is a list of 100 happy summer songs to get you thinking. Huffington Post came up with a list of happy songs for the winter months. I have my own suggestions below.

2. Move. Get outside and exercise. Exercise will shift your energy, relieve stress, anger and frustration. 

3. Dance. Come on get out of your chair. You know you want to. Dancing will make you feel so much better. Remember I love you!

4. Cook something healthy for yourself. Even baking can make you feel loved and taken care of. You don’t need to have someone to take care of you, you need to self care.

5. Take a salt water bath. Epsom salts will take away the funk, relax your muscles and clear your energy.

You Get What You Give
Remember what you put out you get back. If you are not at your best, playing music and dancing will be sure to help aleviate the blues. If the New Radicals don’t do it for you, maybe Hall and Oates One on One will, or Pharrell Williams, Happy. 

Maybe listening to Hall and Oates will get you in the mood to really play some One on One! That will surely shift your funk! Or how about Friday I’m In Love by The Cure? For those of you who prefer R& B, I have some R. Kelly, Marvine Gaye, getting it on, to top off your playlist. By the time you listen to my final selection of Etta James, At Last, you should be dancing with your partner all the way upstairs! If you want more of these, here is a download of modern love songs to help you feel loved.

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