Cosmic Knocks And Other Mercury Retrograde Events

Mercury Retrogrades can bring delays, accidents, death, communication issues, old friends or lovers may surface from the past. This particular Mercury Retrograde sandwiched between a Lunar Eclipse and a Solar Eclipse in the United States has been one many may want to forget. For my family, it is one we will always remember.

Many have felt extreme fatigue, malaise even apathy about life and moving forward. This summer has been a time to turn inward, stay close to home and do little to attempt to expand out into the world. Thankfully, the current Mercury Retrograde ends in Leo on September 5th, 2017.

Several people lost pets, cats, guinea pigs and dogs during this retrograde period, including my son and his girlfriend. Relationships were severed, many people moved under duress. My heart goes out to all of you for your losses of loved ones both four-legged and two. I am so sorry for your loss. I send you love and healing energy.

Returning to a place we have visited before is usually a safe bet, though if you fly during a Mercury Retrograde or travel by car there may be accidents, delays, traffic and flight delays. This past week I experienced all of the aforementioned. You could say I hit the trifecta of Mercury Retrogrades beginning with the death of my aunt Natalie, my mother’s 97-year-old sister who had been failing for the past two years or more.

The following events happened within a forty-eight hour period beginning Tuesday, August 29th on a return trip to Colorado to spend time with my daughter.

Leaving home at 5:30 in the morning, as I approached the Interstate I could see red tail lights for miles, which was not a good sign when headed to LAX one of the worst airports to travel to due to the heavy rush hour traffic. It is not unheard of to drive three or four hours in traffic and still miss your flight. I pulled over and quickly turned on WAYZ a GPS APP that seems to be better at real time traffic than any other I have tried. I listened to the directions getting off the highway and onto side roads that helped extricate me from the tangled traffic and motorcycle accident mess. I  managed to park my car in the off-site lot, remembering to take a photo of the nearest sign post so I would remember where to return after my trip ended.

I was grateful to be at the airport in plenty of time to make my flight. We landed slightly ahead of schedule in Denver which was a relief, though the luggage took a long time coming off the conveyor belt. As soon as I saw my small suitcase I grabbed it and hightailed it to the curb to pick up my shuttle. It took me a minute to find where to find the van. I had prepaid. I asked an airport employee where I could find the shuttle then quickly crossed two lanes of traffic to get there. I sat down on the bench and asked the woman already seated if she knew whether the Super Shuttle stopped in front of us. She remarked that I had just missed it, only one minute earlier. “Oh shit,” I thought now what do I do? It was 1:03 PM. I intentionally didn’t rent a car. Denver is a city where buses and trains can easily get you almost anywhere you want to go.

I had luncheon plans with a client in Denver within the hour. The next shuttle wouldn’t arrive for another hour at 2:00. I had to quickly make other arrangements. Texting my client she responded with the departure time of the train. I had ten minutes to dash diagonally through the entire busy Denver airport to get outside down the escalator to the platform, buy a ticket and board. I knew I could do it but certainly didn’t have time to lollygag along the way.

I had a tightly booked schedule. A luncheon, a date, then meet my daughter at 9:00 PM after her shift at her restaurant then back to her apartment. Wednesday was the only full day I had in the Denver area we had plans to meet with my middle son David and his fiance´for dinner. I also wanted to take a run up to North Boulder to see my oldest son and his girlfriend while they were in the middle of moving out of their apartment.

I met my client in front of Union Station in Denver. The train ride had been one of community and conversation with my fellow passengers. I easily make conversation with strangers asking questions and discovering interesting things about people I meet wherever I go. One of my fellow passengers was from Iowa and worked for the railway, married and happy. Another was a man who had strong ideas about why the Danes were so happy. All their health insurance needs and college expenses were covered by the government. He wanted to move to Denmark. He was an amputee and a dialysis patient. He rode a bicycle and was proud to have a viable life, wife, and work. I told him I would pray for him. He needed a kidney transplant. Wherever I go, interesting conversations happen and I engage with those around me, it is part of what brings me joy. A word, a smile a prayer can make all the difference in someone’s day.

I waited in front of Union Station in downtown Denver only minutes before Jennifer arrived. We walked past her car, dropped off my suitcase and enjoyed our time together over lunch. My date met us afterward and transferred my suitcase into his waiting car. Within two hours of arriving in Denver, I was off to Boulder with a handsome man. We had a lovely time together walking around Boulder stopping here and there for a meal, a shop and a coffee. By 9:00 I was hugging my daughter. What a wonderful day!

Wednesday we shopped for a gift for my son David’s fiance´ Danielle’s birthday and joined them for a delicious Indian meal at the Yak and Yeti restaurant. After dinner, Ariel asked me what I do and we chose to drop by Adam while he was packing up his apartment in preparation for his move out of his apartment. We walked around Pearl Street in downtown Boulder enjoying the cool weather and each other. Around 9:30 we headed towards Ariel’s apartment and were stopped at a red light just before 10:00 PM when WHAMMO! We were hit from behind.

Cosmic Knocks

Ariel had just asked me did I feel she would be able to buy a house this year. I replied, “Not only is it possible, it is probable!” WHAMMO! Our car was flung forward into the intersection as we were the first car at the light. The woman who hit us was apparently head down into her texting and had no idea that the light had turned red. She hit us while we were stationary at 30 miles per hour, said the police.

We were thrown forward then back into the headrest, fortunately, both of us had seat belts firmly fastened. In unison, we exclaimed, “What the fuck?” Ariel was out of her seatbelt and walking back toward the totaled Crysler behind us, yelling “What the fuck is wrong with you?” then burst into tears. We were both in shock. Our airbags did not deploy, but the woman car behind us was filled with a cloud of dust from hers. She was clearly bewildered wondering what the heck happened?

Still beautiful, Ariel

We were very lucky. I was grateful we only had whiplash and concussions, though a head trauma has long-reaching implications. My chest hurt from the seatbelt, we had instantaneous headaches,

then nausea and felt the strain of being thrown violently forward in our necks. We were able to walk, talk and moreover we were alive!

Mercury Retrograde was in full force. Delays, traffic, an accident on the way to the airport, my aunt Natalie transitioning, our accident, missing the shuttle, all of it even returning to Colorado where I once lived with my daughter and son were Mercury Retrograde events.

Ariel’s first accident was like mine, with her mother. I was three-and-a half, Ariel was twenty-one history was repeating itself as it often does during a Mercury Retrograde. Was this karmic? Perhaps. Karmic events repeat until they are cleared.

We rode to the hospital together in the ambulance a first for us both. The paramedics were busy taking our vitals and found our heart-rates were exactly the same 84 they mentioned that the apple didn’t fall far from the tree. We joked with them about how hot we both looked all dressed up for our dinner; they were kind and attentive. Ariel’s boyfriend was nervously following our ambulance arriving at the hospital as we did. He showed us both his love, devotion, and compassion spending time with each of us till we were taken away for tests. Both Ariel and I were put in neck braces for whiplash and thoroughly examined with x-rays and CT scans. Ariel remarked that she felt bad about the accident. It wasn’t her fault. We were still spending quality time together, just different than what we both imagined.

Ariel’s best peach pie

On our final day together, Ariel cooked a delicious roasted dinner and my favorite, peach pie. I have to say, as good a baker as my mother is, Ariel’s pie was the best I have ever tasted! The crust was crispy and melted in my mouth. The peaches were perfect. Her culinary educated had served her well. She is well on her way to being a great baker and having her own bakery in Colorado, I see it clearly.


I burst into tears as the ground attendant checked me in for my flight. I was so emotional I couldn’t speak when she asked me my name. Shock and head trauma can make us emotional, I certainly was that. My return flight was delayed, which appeared as a final Cosmic Joke from the Universe highlighting my beliefs to me. Next Mercury Retrograde, maybe I will shift my belief and opt out of the effects of Mercury Retrograde as my editor has done. Our beliefs are what govern our lives. Perhaps it is my belief in Mercury Retrograde that causes my outer world to react and prove to me what it is in my unconscious mind. I think I’ll clear that energy so I don’t repeat it again. We landed in Los Angeles safely at 8:30 PM Thursday evening. It had been less than forty-eight hours, yet it felt like an entire week. I said another prayer of gratitude for our safety and well-being.

It is my prayer that you are safe and well. I am very grateful that we were supported and protected. I am grateful to Josh, Ariel’s boyfriend for his concern and love for my daughter. I am so grateful for my family and clients. Ariel and I continue to recover slowly. Brain trauma can affect so many functions even causing depression and anxiety. The shock from an accident can have lasting implications. Energy clearings help alleviate all these symptoms while we both take things slowly.

If you would like to set up your session to clear karmic events or issues do so quickly before my current special ends, September 5th. Send me a message and I will honor this special till September 12th due to life events.




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