10 Things You Don’t Want To Do During A Venus Retrograde

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

On Friday, October 5th at 12:05 PM PST, the planet Venus that rules love turns retrograde. During this six-week period, it is wise to watch spending, legal actions and other things listed as no-nos here. .


During this Venus Retrograde love may be delayed or have some hardship associated with it. Hasty decisions based on lust rather than love will end in sorrow once Venus turns direct on November 16th, 2018.

Born Under A Venus Retrograde?
A Natal Venus Retrograde means that your focus for your entire life is on giving and receiving love and affection. You may have difficulties with relationships, sadness, hardships or delays. You may lack self-love, experience social anxiety, shyness and even financial hardships during your lifetime. 
Author’s note: I was born under a Venus and Mercury Retrograde. My life has been one of intense challenges with self-love, relationships, financial issues, delays and hardships with love and romance. Which makes me perfect as a love, passion and happiness coach and healer.

Often when we are born under a Venus Retrograde, it is because of past life issues with love and relationships. Due to the law of karma, we may suffer hardship or loss from a previous life. Maybe you had an affair in a past life or left when you were needed most, or you physically injured or harmed a lover in the past. There could be a repeating pattern in this life that leaves you wondering how you could possibly deserve such hardship in this one, especially in your childhood?

Sadness and Disappointment

Learning to love ourselves is critical especially during a Venus Retrograde to have happiness in all areas of our lives. Expecting another person to fill us up or make us happy will be met with disappointment. Unrequited love, a forced marriage, sexual abuse, mental illness or even a physical disability from a past life can be reasons for challenges in this lifetime.  

Best Uses For Venus Retrograde

  • Meditate to turn inward on a daily basis. Meditation can reduce stress and help you resolve emotions that bubble up during a retrograde period. Take time each day to sit still and just be. You’ll find inspiration comes to you from out of nowhere.
  • Give love to yourself. Nurture yourself by getting to bed before 11:00, eating a healthy diet and regular exercise. Use a mantra that helps you feel loved, “I love me.”
  • Eliminate. Use a Venus Retrograde to cull through belongings, papers, and excess. Take a trip to the thrift store with items you no longer love.
  • Plan. A retrograde period is an excellent time to plan. 
  • Review. Review what you have done, edit, re-write and re-do what needs to be redone.
  • Problem solve. Find reasons for problems in your current relationships.
  • Consider pleasure. Ask yourself what brings you pleasure. A Venus Retrograde is an excellent time to focus on your inner joy and harmony.

Avoid During Venus Retrograde

1. Avoid extravagance. A retrograde period is not a time to buy. Often purchases made during a retrograde period will be met with regret, feelings of not getting what you paid for and disappointment once the retrograde is over. 2. Don’t move. A move during a retrograde can leave you feeling you made a mistake     or that you overpaid for your new apartment or home.  3. Don’t move in with a friend or partner. See number 2. Wait until both the Venus     and Mercury Retrograde are over May 3rd at 4:31 PM EST. A move during a retrograde period could bring hardship, arguments, issues and challenges with     money and even a breakup. My daughter moved in with a college buddy during the     Mercury Retrograde shadow (before Mercury turns Retrograde.)
4. Don’t get engaged or married during a Venus Retrograde. Once the retrograde     ends you may feel you made a mistake and find it cost you dearly.  5. Don’t sign a contract or lease. Of course, you can do anything you want to.     However, signing a contract or lease during this time could mean you pay more than you intended or that it was worth, or feel regret once Venus turns direct on     April15th.  6. Be watchful of shutting down your heart. It is more difficult to give and receive      love during a Venus Retrograde. We have to be careful of harsh words that we      wouldn’t normally say to our loved ones and arguments that we regret over issues        and challenges. 7. Don’t invest. Investing during a Venus Retrograde isn’t recommended. You will      likely overpay and not get out of your investment what you had hoped.  8. You might meet your soulmate but don’t make a move till Venus Retrograde is         over. You may have a feeling or familiarity or inevitability when you meet this      person. A Venus Retrograde can bring people up from the past as well.  9. Avoid dating someone new. Wait until May 3rd to launch your new dating profile     as well. People we meet during this time might seem perfect, we might even fall into     love or bed and then find they disappear as soon as Venus turns direct on April 15th     or the Mercury Retrograde ends on May 3rd. 10. Avoid the temptation to return to an old partner. Having someone resurface       during this time can bring back old feelings and old patterns that need to be       broken.
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