Live An Extraordinary Life: Two Fabulous Days

My life is extraordinary, yours can be too, allow me to teach you how.

When something changes my life exponentially, I want to share it with you. Back in 2010 when I heard that there was an Akashic Records course being offered in Bali, Indonesia I knew I had to attend. I paid full fare for an Akashic Record consultation with the teacher and BOOM! I signed up. I had to borrow the money but had the trip paid for before I took off.

I knew that the Akashic Records were something that greats like Madam Blavatsky, Edgar Cayce, Nostradamus, and Charles Leadbetter used. Even Albert Einstein tapped into the Akasha on a regular basis! The Akashic Records are part of what I use every day for myself and my clients to clear wounds, patterns and get information about what would help solve their issues and mine.

What Are The Akashic Records?

The Akashic Records are a compilation of every event, thought, word and deed that ever occurred in each soul’s existence from the beginning of time. WOWZA! That’s a lot of information! The truth is that having the key to this information is only the beginning. With so much data we need to understand how to open the file drawers, find the contents that are needed currently and understand how to utilize the data to be of the greatest benefit for each individual.

Every time we open the Akashic Records with a sacred prayer we receive an alignment and healing.

What Can Be Found Within The Akashic Records?

  • Absolute Truth
  • Understanding of ourselves
  • A compassionate look at our issues and what we need to do to heal them
  • A way to heal others
  • Information about your genealogy and past lives
  • Data about your emotions and reactivity
  • A permanent connection to Oneness/ Source/God/Divinity
  • A loving, compassionate group of Guides/Masters/Teachers and Loved Ones that teach us
  • The keys to Enlightenment, Self-Actualization, Self-Mastery, Tremendous Personal Growth, and Expansion

What Will You Learn In This Course? (in addition to what was already mentioned above)

  • How to read the Records for yourself
  • How to read the Akashic Records for others (second day)
  • We’ll heal your money story (second day)
  • How to use the Akashic Records in the best possible way for clients and you
  • How to make your life one of ease and Grace
  • How to love yourself completely
  • Find a better more joy-filled life
  • How to manifest easily and effortlessly
  • How to help your friends, family, children
  • Raise your vibration
  • Raise your IQ
  • Become healthier and happier
  • Become enlightened (life is so much easier!)
  • You receive the benefits of my business coaching program that I pay 10,000 a year for
  • How to get clients easily
  • What you need to heal to overcome all your personal issues
  • A much happier and successful life
  • Heal the past that causes suffering
  • Recognize the meaning of life
  • Find your true calling
  • See the purpose in all that occurs
  • End suffering
  • Live in BLISS and I do mean BLISS!
  • Become a Best-Selling Author like I did in 2017
  • Channel a Book in less than 3 months

When I do sessions with my clients they always remark how accurate the information I give them is. The Akashic Records only give TRUTH! I have never been given bum or bad information and even predicted Rich Resuta’s death well before it happened and gave my daughter information about healing her anger with her father 10 months before he died. This information was invaluable because she was able to overcome her resistance and anger giving her nearly a full year of a deeply loving time with her father before he died in his sleep in 2012.

I did whatever it would take to attend this course because I knew it would change my life for the better and I was not disappointed. That was the best $5,000 I ever spent! For you, my dear friends I highly recommend you do whatever it takes to attend this course next weekend. I promise you it will change your life for the better too. On top of this course, you have me! My teacher did very little to show us how to heal ourselves and others. We were basically given a manual and told here you go! I won’t do that. Here’s what else you get…..

What I Am Including In This Course

  • Manifest A Magical Life Course Valued at $697.00
  • 3 Manifesting Podcasts 3 hours total         $100.00
  • Audio Program “My Mother, My Kryptonite $275.00
  • Becoming Sovereign Audio
  • Infinite You
  • Manifesting Money and Men Program        $297.00
  • 3 FREE ZOOM Group Calls to follow-up    $300.00
  • 1 hour each where you can ask questions
  • ME! LIVE AND Channeling information .     invaluable!

TOTAL VALUE                                                        $1,669.00!

I might even throw in “My Mother My Kryptonite,” a powerful audio to heal your relationship with your mother through The Akashic Records. This is invaluable. Without this relationship healed, we don’t feel loved, validated and cannot have loving uplifting relationships with ourselves or others.

What I have noticed since I took the Akashic Record course:

  1. I have become more peaceful and calm
  2. I live in a place I love that I only thought millionaires could have.
  3. I have a private swimming pool in my very private backyard. See cover photo
  4. I live in the middle of an orange grove in peace and quiet.
  5. I sing with the band and my new friends in The Vine  on Sunday nights next to movie stars and rock stars (Malcolm McDowell and Danny McGaw and so many other musicians) The Vine
  6. I have met so many beautiful, loving souls since my move
  7. My business is exploding. I am fully booked each week.
  8. I manifest whatever I want when I want it
  9. All I have to do is think a thought and BOOM there it is!
  10. Synchronistic events happen daily
  11. I am constantly inspired by life and the world
  12. I am more positive
  13. I am more loving
  14. I am closer to my adult children
  15. My relationship with my mother has healed
  16. People come to me looking for advice
  17. My business has grown 174% this past year alone!
  18. Life is so much easier and Grace-filled
  19. I never feel lost, lonely or alone
  20. My decision-making has improved exponentially
  21. I am happier than I have ever been no matter where I am or who I am with
  22. I find peaceful solutions for challenging situations easily
  23. I love myself completely

I can’t give you one ready why you shouldn’t do this course no matter what it takes. The struggle will end. Unhappiness will end. What’s not to LOVE???? Signup HERE

I am giving you my heart and soul in this course. The next time I teach it will be in Scotland and that trip will be $5,000 in April 2019.

SIgnup here for the Akashic Records course

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