ADD The Greatest Gift?

I had very similar issues. I have ADD as well, yet I have learned to function with it and make friends with my issues. In fact, ADD is a blessing in my life. It is a sign of great creativity and flow. Loving the self allows us to adapt to our challenges and find methods to overcome them.

For example, I used mantras to quiet my mind.

The unconscious mind is what is running your life. We have to learn to master our mind to have mastery in our lives. When we master our mind we have peace in our minds.

Allowing the mind to run amock keeps us in anxiety with crazy talk going on continuously. Even while we sleep a monologue continues. Rest becomes an issue.

The Truth

Our beliefs govern our lives. If you believe you will always have an issue with ADD you will. I am a badass. I govern my mind. I decided….. I DECIDED to change my mind! You can too. Just decide to overcome this obstruction to your joy and peace.

Govern Your Mind Or It Will Rule YOU!

Mantras slip into the unconscious mind when done either aloud or silently while you shower, drive, shave, cook dinner, doing the things you have done thousands of times.


Use these mantras one at a time, slowly floating them in the background of your mind silently all day whenever you can. Do them when you drive, shower, shave or cook.

I love me.

I am loved.

I am safe.

I am focused.

I am secure.

I am protected.

I am intelligent.

I am gifted!


Stop beating yourself up. When you tell yourself something negative, change the thought immediately. “What I mean to say is, I am able to focus easily. I am grounded. I am secure. I am focused. I am loved. I am intelligent. I love myself.”

Find The Silver Lining

Believe it or not, ADD is a great gift. ADD means you have a very creative mind. You just need to learn how to harness it. Painting, writing, and creativity abound within you. Look at the bright side, you get great ideas all the time. Now you need to harness these ideas. Find a way to be grateful for your gift rather than view it as a curse. I have written 5 books and have become a best-selling author.


My son, also with ADD who used to say he couldn’t read a book is helping others. He has published articles and two books on the way. He has changed his diet to clear much of the mental fog and give him more clarity. Fitness is a big part of his life. He has a blog/ NakedHealthy. Once he changed his diet he found tremendous changes in his mental capacity to focus. He now has a thriving landscape business in Colorado.

Exercise is A Must

You must exercise for mental clarity and grounding. Daily walks, runs or lifting weights can all be done using the mantras above.

Positive thoughts net a positive outcome. Once you recognize that this is a gift you will find a way to use it to your advantage rather than view it as a curse. I hope that this helps.

No matter your issue whether it is fear, anxiety, depression, a controlling husband or mother, narcissism, Borderline Personality Disorder, past trauma, PTSD, negativity or feeling stuck, I can help you. I have been there too and know exactly what to do to pull you out of this hole you have gotten into.

Put a smile on your face because help is a phone call away! It is what I did for myself beginning 35 years ago. Now you have all my experience coupled with the wisdom and teaching, with the open heart and non-judgment. I can help you. Book your FREE In-depth CLARITY CALL NOW!

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