My Crazy Story Of A Head-on Crash and Tragedy Averted

Galway, Ireland at the end of our trip still smiling

Driving on the “wrong side of the road” with a stick shift in Ireland could be crazy in itself. Couple the wrong side of the road, stick shift with jet lag and fatigue could prove disastrous.

I had driven on the “wrong side of the road,” in England when I lived there back in 1983 through 1985. It’s like getting back on a horse or bicycle. It becomes automatic, mostly.

My daughter Ariel was navigating thinking dubious thoughts of her mother driving a stick on the other side of the road. Her lack of enthusiasm was evident to the agent at the car rental agency.

We drove off and almost immediately I was faced with a dual-carriageway (divided highway) and I turned into the oncoming traffic by mistake. I was lucky this time, with just a dirty look from one Russian driver, I managed to pull up to the light and get across the six lanes of traffic safely into the correct side of the road.

After my first big faux pas, I did pretty well. I eased into the round-a-bouts and made my way into the flow of traffic. We decided to forgo Dublin for now and make our way to our country air bnb a renovated very old stone barn as the rain began to pour down.

The owners of the exquisite home had created a zen-like environment that was both peaceful and beautiful. We made it safely winding our way, staying close to the stone wall and farm hedges on the left to avoid the buses and vehicles that whizzed by so close I could smell the coffee on the driver’s breath!

Though it was in the middle of nowhere, we had to drive at night down windy twisty roads to find warm surroundings and pub food.

A Loud Crash

After six circuit tours around Waterford, watching the crystal museum go by, I became frustrated that the recommended Geoff’s pub kept alluding us. Listening to Ariel, “Turn here! No turn here! Left here!” I finally decided to turn right across two lanes of traffic. As I pulled out into the oncoming lane a white Audi seeming out of nowhere hit us head-on! A loud crash and both Ariel and I were shaken, I was certain that the radiator was done for.

I pulled out of the lane and parked the car to check out our mutual damage. I immediately took responsibility for the accident being my fault. I apologized profusely to the tall bald Irishman. He brushed the rain off his white bumper and said, “No damage here! Are you all right?” My heart was beating a mile a minute. I had rented this little Toyota Yarus and not gotten the additional collision insurance. I prayed that my car was intact.

We walked over to examine the front of my car in the pouring rain and it was absolutely perfect! There was not a scratch on either car! I was incredulous. The velocity of the motion at 30 kph by all rights, should have left considerable damage to both vehicles, but didn’t.

Intense Prayers Of Gratitude

I got back into the driver’s seat absolutely soaking wet, in deep gratitude. I closed my eyes putting my hands together in front of my heart and said, “Thank you! Thank you Thank you! Thank you for saving us! Thank you for keeping us safe! Thank you for your protection always! I am so grateful!

My prayers were heartfelt. I was nearly in tears with profound gratitude. Ariel asked me again, “Are you sure there is no damage?” She knew as well as I did that a huge bill from the rental car agency had been averted not to mention possible legal bills and then, of course, there was our safety. We were both unharmed. The airbags didn’t deploy. We had just experienced Irish Magic and a Miracle with a capital, “M.”

Prayers Of Protection

Before I take off on an airplane, or drive in any vehicle, mine or rented I always pray for protection. We never know what we may encounter on our journey, someone in rage on the road, or not paying attention, or driving on the wrong side of the highway. I have been using this prayer of protection for years. It works and keeps me and my loved ones safe.

Part of what I teach my clients is how to live a magical and charmed life. Each of us has incredible powers and gifts at our disposal but we need to recognize them and utilize them for our highest and best, rather than to harm another person.

Set An Intention For Magic and Love

When we set intentions, as I did for our day, our journey becomes one of magic. I set an intention for our trip to Ireland to be magical and filled with fun, laughter, and love. It was all that and more. Ariel and I had fun together, ate delicious food and had some amazing experiences. A pick-pocket was averted in a department store while shopping for clothes for my daughter. When we are present, with an open heart rather than coming from a place of fear life unfolds beautifully every single day.

Why Things Happen

Someone asked me if I attracted the accident. My guidance is no. This experience was part of my life path. It was pre-destined.

Sometimes the universe sets up a series of events to show us what we are made of, and how powerfully we are protected. This accident gave me a surety that I am indeed protected and that my prayers work masterfully. Every prayer we pray is heard. I have learned to pray powerfully in faith for myself and others which causes miracles for those receiving those prayers.

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