How To Speed Up Evolution Using The Law of Detachment

There was a time when I could not get my mind wrapped around the idea of loving without detachment or doing not doing as The Tao Te Jing suggests. Once we release our grip on life, loved ones and the universe it is amazing what materializes. The art of detachment takes some releasing of our tight grip and wondering how things are going to happen for us?

Life Becomes Easy!
When we let go and LET GOD!

The art of not doing is when we allow nature to take its course rather than using brute strength on others forcing them into submission or making things happen with our will and energy. It doesn’t mean you give up your desire, it just means you give up your attachment to the result.

Letting Go: Or The Art of Allowing

Allowing things to work out naturally involves trust. We must trust the universe to be all-loving, good and safe for us to let it work its magic in our lives. There was a time when I felt like I needed to “make things happen,” have the conversation and tell people what I was thinking so that they would do what I felt they should do. Sound familiar?

The Law Of Detachment

The law of detachment/attachment is the act of observing without attachment to the outcome, blessing everything for the highest good of all. In order to have anything, we must give up our attachment to it.

I’ll give you an example. A friend invited me out to a cozy little Ventura restaurant bar with a fireplace, wonderful music and a different crowd of people than I was used to. She needed some support as she recently broke up with her boyfriend. The issue was that I had a client during the time we were meant to go. I didn’t want to cancel or ask my client to reschedule as my client’s appointment time is important and sacred. I felt it was best to just say I could not go with my friend. I let go. I stopped thinking about the event and moved on.

The same day, my client messaged me that she attempted to reschedule her appointment as soon as she arrived home from work and was unable to since she was minutes within the 24 hour period where she could no longer change it. “Could I change my appointment to next week?” she asked. “Sure!” said I.

Without having to do a thing the universe set about to orchestrate for me to have the ability to go without me having to do a thing! I let go of my attachment to going with my friend, Denise. When I let go, the universe took care of it for me. I had to be unattached to the event for this to happen.

The Power is In The Letting Go

When I was suffering from pain and misery, I was also extremely codependent. I was jealous insecure and clingy. The idea of letting go was difficult for me. Why would I let go when I was so afraid of losing out? I hung on tight to boyfriends and ideas. I was so stuck on my beliefs and thoughts that I couldn’t imagine things being so ridiculously easy if I would just let go. I didn’t recognize I was making life much more difficult by trying to control aspect of it. (Go figure!)

Faith Propels You

Our faith in the universe is what allows us to let go. I know the universe is always working for my highest good because I have seen the results over and over. I have tremendous faith in the abundance and wealth that surrounds us all. After testing and testing and retesting I see evidence of the good that flows to us all when we just relinquish our control over others and the world.

The more faith we have the faster things materialize for us. When we believe in our personal power we find the fearlessness inside that allows us to humble ourselves and let go of the need to control, fight or even have a conversation with someone to make them see our point of view or change their mind.

Life Becomes Infinitely Easier!

When we relinquish attempting to make others do our bidding we relax into the flow of life. The flow state is where life becomes effortless. It is like the athlete who swims effortlessly and easily through the water versus the one flailing arms and legs akimbo barely able to stay close to the surface. Ease.

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