Becoming Wealthy: The Whole Truth

What if everything we were told from childhood was a lie? What if all the premises for our lives were based on twisted backward and upside-down logic?

What if this logic is what perpetuated the underpinning of the foundation of our livelihoods and success? What then? What if we have been programmed for failure and only the elite had the truth? Would that account for 1% of the population that is the richest in the world? Would we revolt as a people? But who would we revolt against? God? Our parents? Society? Our government? Our teachers? Who?

What if everything that our schools insisted that we learn meant absolutely nothing for saving our lives in a crisis, or creating wealth or even happiness?

I’m Not Trying To Blow Smoke Up There

I’m not making these statements to upset you. What I am helping you to do is see a completely different possibility, as my guru does. Everyone has a guru. If they don’t have a guru they certainly need one. We all need someone that is a few steps down the road than we are. Someone who is a little more advanced than we are has tested the waters, discovered whether they are safe or going to kill us or torture us or defend us or keep us in suffering lifetime after lifetime.

I am that person for many. I have tested the waters and what I am about to tell you may burst all the bubbles you have been blowing in your personal bathwater. (I promise I won’t tell anyone, it could potentially be from the blowing smoke.)

In this five-minute video, I will share the secret to manifestation, success, and abundance that you have not heard elsewhere. People will tell you to turn around touch the ground smoke some sage and light a candle and anyone can manifest. However, that is not the whole truth.

The Bottom Line is that we must feel whole, feel wealthy to have more.

My Pets Were Always A Barometer

If we feel poor, or feel unloved we will struggle with money. There was a time when I wondered how I would feed my dogs and cats. My mother kept telling me that I couldn’t afford to have my pets because I needed to feed my daughter first. I kept praying that I would have plenty to be able to feed all my animals and my daughter. No matter how little I had my animals never went hungry. That was the miracle! There was always enough.

You Already Have It

Furthermore, if we keep feeling that we are poor, or unworthy the more difficulty we will have attempting to have prosperity.

If You Hate Yourself You Will Struggle With Money!

Because of the correlation between prosperity and being happy with yourself, I am on a mission to help dissolve whatever stands in the way so you can overcome the struggle for joy, happiness, and success.

It Is All About LOVE!

Until we lovingly accept ourselves as we are, we can’t have an abundance. Why? We have to be in a state of love to have success and prosperity. We can’t tell ourselves we are unworthy and be successful. Consequently, we can’t continue to feel not good enough and have an abundance. The two are interconnected and related! We must FEEL LOVED to have money and wealth. We must love ourselves to have others love us!

You Deserve Happiness

Happiness is our birthright. However, if abundance has felt like The Night of the Living Dead frozen with fear, you might need some assistance. Jennifer has overcome terror, fears, feeling lost, lonely peppered with more than a dash of self-hatred and she knows exactly what needs to be done to overcome these debilitating programs. Jennifer will lovingly take your hand and then delicately when you need a gentle nudge to get you out of your stuck place of rumination and stagnation she will help you discover how wonderful you are!

She won’t join in a pity party, but she will get you out of your own way so that you expand, become the radiant, confident grounded Goddess you are meant to be.

Jennifer Makes It Safe And Easy

Maybe you are looking for the Cliff notes on enlightenment, Jennifer has written them. If you want to move beyond suffering, fear, illness, codependency or anxiety, depression, Fibromyalgia, like Jennifer had, she will boost your self-esteem in a flash and have you feeling lighter, centered, grounded and radiant before the first match ignites the 2021 fireworks!

Do you feel you can’t go it alone? You don’t have to. Jennifer is poised to lift and guide you into the next grand phase of your beautiful expansive life. Book your FREE Clarity Call and decide to make positive changes right now! It’s far easier having a guide and intuitive counsel to lead the way than attempting to poke around and stumble in the dark. Let Jennifer turn the lights on for you NOW!

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