How To Positively Change Your Life In One Week

I took an entire week off Facebook. I felt frustrated with Facebook and its algorithms. I was burned out from conversing on social media with those who weren’t ready for my message or my deeply transformational life-changing work. I needed a break and I took one. An entire week away from posting, live feed and videos. Whoopee!

What Were The Results?

These are my discoveries and they were quite juicy!

1. I didn’t die.
2. My business is still intact.
3. I felt like I was away on vacation.
4. My intuition became stronger.
5. I was infinitely more calm and relaxed.
6. I slept like a baby.
7. I was able to hear my mother’s cry for help (while she was having a heart attack way up north of Toronto) and called her an ambulance when none of my brothers answered their phones.
8. I recognized how in the flow I am and that business comes to me when I allow.
9. I took care of myself and really stepped back to see where I want to go with my business in the future.
10. At no time did I compare me or my life with anyone else.
11. I called someone out on Quora for being a bully, standing in my power rather than being defensive. We don’t have to be a bitch to speak our truth.
12. I saw my bookshelf filled with truth-and-love supporting books.
13. I asked for what I wanted and generously gave in return to my family.
14. I found peace every day within.
15. I live in joy without Facebook or any social media.
16. Life goes on whether we are on social media or not.
17. I really sank into the love I have for myself and my life as well as the work I do.
18. I appreciate you.
19. I found a much deeper expression of compassion for myself and others.
20. I asked for help from the Empaths and Healers and a real Tibetan Lama who prayed for my mother.
21. I am in deep gratitude for all that love and support my work.
22. I love me. I love you. I love me. I love you!

I feel more powerful, more resilient, stronger, more intuitive even unshakable. I recognized that so much energy is wasted being on social media. Social media leaves us feeling scattered, maybe even insecure. Why, even without being consciously aware, we compare ourselves and our business with others.

Rather than doing more at home, I did a lot of nothing. I still had deep and powerful sessions with my clients where I was fully present. In between these sessions I was quiet, meditative and contemplative.

I discovered that less is more. That I don’t have to do what others tell me I need to do. I always have my intuitive powers to lean into and lean I did. I become infinitely more grounded inside myself. My connection with my Guides and team on the other side, angels and The Ascended Masters became solidified and impervious.

While I was quiet, I received three incredible reviews from people who bought my Valentine’s Package. I recognized that I am no slouch in the intuitive healing department. In fact, I discovered I am way more powerful than I ever knew.

If you are ready to step into the Truth of Who You Are and have the magical life I co-create for my clients, book your private discovery session with me now.

Testimonials From Real Clients

Wow and wow. If you are looking for a breakthrough in your life look no further. Jennifer will help you navigate various areas in your life with ease and grace. 

I initially came to Jennifer seeking help from a godmother who was an energy vampire and was causing my world to fall apart. Once my godmother came into my life my health declined, my finances were a little tricky and my house even flooded. Jennifer helped me realize the negative my godmother brought into my life and helped clear that energy from both me and my space and helped me rebuild my life from the inside out.

Since working with Jennifer, my godmother is no longer in my life, my finances have improved and I love my life even more. She even helped me get money from my insurance company when things looked very bleak like I was not going to get anything or any money at all,  she helped me have a money miracle break with the insurance company and I was able to get the money from the insurance company and manifest a contractor to do the work for the amount I received. 

I find Jennifer to be a compassionate understanding and generous with her help and guidance. I love how she gives practical solutions to real-world problems. Jennifer is a healer’s healer. She is well versed and multiple modalities and is highly effective. She is extremely talented and has helped me with challenges that I found others were not able to help me with and for that I am so grateful. She is a gentle powerhouse of a healer that gets the job down. Thanks for all you do. Blessings to you. De

You are very powerful lady as the energy and powerful healing was, I guess, a bit overwhelming for me;
It was a very unique experience as I have never experienced this kind of session online like that. V.Z Alberta, Canada

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