The Shift


The first audio clears the fears, lack, and worries about money. Even the emotions surrounding money are cleared. You may rest, lie back or even fall asleep during this beautiful audio that relaxes you and allows you to feel more loved, calm, focused with clarity. From within the Akashic Records, this audio goes deep to the root of your issues.

The second audio helps with addictions, and issues with stubbornness, suffering, and blocks to receiving. When we have blocks to receive, we may find that we give like crazy, but when it comes time to receive there is little coming back your way. Resistance is cleared and removed as well. Listen as often as you like for this powerful transformation to continue to unfold. Your guides, team and angels assist with this process as well. You will feel the love flowing through you as you bask in this gorgeous loving energy.

The final audio in this three-part series clears your money story. Everyone has a money story. Most of us have challenges with money due to the way we have viewed money most of our lives.

This audio will help you clear blocks to abundance and stop putting your dreams on hold. At the end of this audio, The Cascade of Miracles Prayer is prayed over you, that my clients have had magical results from. A loving state of being is what opens us up to receive. These audios will get you into that loving state easily. Listen again and again to continue to raise your vibration even higher. We clear heart ties that keep you from losing precious life force energy to past relationships and those we have had a heart connection with in the past.

You’ll learn how to use the powerful pattern of creation that you can call on at any time to step into the flow of abundance at any time. You’ll complete this three-part series feeling full, abundant and in the flow state.

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