From Tainted to True


If any of the following are true for you this course is for you!


“I can’t find anyone who will love me!”

“I keep attracting people who cheat.”

“I keep attracting people who won’t commit.”

“All the good ones are taken!”

“Each relationship I have is like the one before, with a different face.”

“If he would only help me out more, I’d be happy.”

“I might as well raise these kids alone for the amount he is home.”

“If my partner would help out around the house more, I wouldn’t be so unhappy.”

If my partner wasn’t working all the time, our relationship would be so much better.”

“If only my wife would have sex with me more often with more passion, our relationship would be great!”

When your relationships keep disappointing you it is so easy to blame the other person. “If she would only.”

“if he wouldn’t ”

The problem isn’t what you think at all. If you give up and start over again you will only attract  another and another just like the one before, maybe even with more challenges and difficulties than the one before.

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