Using Fear As Our Compass To Find Truth

There are many things for us to fear in our world. Fear can cripple us when we allow it to steal our joy, or cause us to live in regret for what we wished we did but couldn’t bring ourselves to do. Some fear is real. Other fears are not. A car whizzing by us on the highway, hydroplaning then spinning out of control is a real danger and certainly something to fear. A fear that no one loves us isn’t. Often the thoughts in our head are riddled with misgivings or obstacles that prevent us from taking the leap of faith to plant the first kiss on a waiting mouth, ask for the date or do something we have never done before.

Stepping into the void for the first time can be exactly what we need to do even though it causes us to feel uncomfortable. Staying in our comfort zone can keep us on our couch watching Netflix, or not getting out into the world to find the love we so desire. To take the plunge and signup for online-line dating or trying something new takes a risk. Without risk, we gain nothing. Anytime we venture outside of our comfort zone we are on the verge of a breakthrough. Playing it safe offers little risk and no monumental change. If we want our lives to be different, we have to take that leap of faith.

We have to jump without the guaranteed outcome.

The Universe supports us 

when we do.


When we believe our fears are true we avoid taking risks.  We short-circuit our joy, living with the regret of unfulfilled dreams rather than the pleasure of having what we desired. When we worry about what others think we live for their approval leaving our passion-filled dreams to gather dust and cobwebs in the darkness of abject fear. Our personal truth isn’t wrapped in fear. The truth of who we are has nothing to do with fear, in fact our true self is fearless!

Choosing the safety of surety may be comfortable for the moment but leaves us feeling impotent and unfulfilled.

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Let’s turn this ship around, shall we? You deserve it.

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