How To Get Lucky Quickly

So you want to get lucky, win the lottery, find love and most of all you want it fast! How do you get what you dream about and fantasize about every day?

We need to recognize that we can manifest quickly. With a focus on the speed of light, We can attract what we want right away, no waiting required.

What we believe and think about, give energy to and focus on is what we attract to us.

5 Steps To Becoming Incredibly Lucky Quickly

Our beliefs govern everything we receive. If you believe manifesting is for the birds and doesn’t work for you, you are correct, it won’t work. If you have complete faith in the universe and yourself that what you focus on will bring to you exactly what you desire, you will have it!

When we believe in our power of manifestation we are able to think a simple thought, “I wonder how the $300 I still owe can be taken care of so that I don’t have to pay it,” and it is taken care of. You might be offered like I was an alternative to paying the remainder of the $3,000 tab for Kundalini Yoga Teacher training by taking the teacher to the airport.

What did I do? I just asked, “I wonder how the $300 balance will just go away?” I had paid $2,600 on New Year’s Eve and still owed $300. Months had gone by and I just didn’t want to be bothered with the remainder. The teacher approached me as soon as I arrived for the first class and walked me into the dining room at the retreat center and said, “Would you be open to bartering for the remainder of your course fee?” I replied, “Absolutely! What do I have to do?”

We have to be open and willing for new opportunities to show up, and show up they will.

Life is a series of questions and answsers. We can be the questioner and ask for what we desire, or we can be the one saying, “YES! Thank you!”

Life can be magical and easy when we focus on one manifestation at a time with crystal clarity.

Scotland here we come! Yes, I manifested another trip to Scotland. I do hope you will join me for the next retreat in 2020 start saving. It will be magical and I will teach you everything I know about creating the life of your dreams and opening your hear to receive your desires quickly and easily.

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