Vibrant Mom Turns 98 Living Alone

On July 10, my mother turns 98! I am very proud of her healthy lifestyle. She still lives alone, drives a car, and cooks for herself. I am delighted to have had such a tremendous role model for health and a positive outlook.

Growing up, my mom always cooked. My father had a sweet tooth, so mom baked cookies, homemade cakes, and other desserts for us to enjoy. We didn’t have fast-food restaurants back then and my father always grew a vegetable garden. We got used to plenty of fresh veggies on the table and very little meat. The meat was expensive.

Little Meat Is A Good Idea

Mom’s ethnicity is Ukrainian. She cooked with lots of onions and garlic. Our meals were varied and always healthy. On the occasion that my father worked afternoons or nights, we enjoyed Perogies loaded with onions.

What Are Her Favorite Foods?

  • She loves salads loaded with cucumbers and onions.
  • cabbage rolls
  • a cup of hot black tea clear
  • fresh cherries
  • clementines in season
  • apricots

Soda Was A Treat

Being on a budget kept our meals on the healthy side. Instead of drinking soda with meals, we had milk or water. Soda was something we had on rare occasions rather than every day.

Stay Active, and Thin

Jack La Lane was my mother’s fitness guru. I remember her exercising every day when other mothers found vacuuming was enough.

Mowing the lawn into her 80’s mom has stayed active with a very positive attitude. She doesn’t complain about aches or pains and the only health problem she has had over the years is migraines.

I did an interview with mom when I was able to visit her. You’ll get a chance to see how sharp she is. She reads six books a week, does crossword puzzles and word searches every single day.

Mom’s Advice To Stay Young Vibrant and Healthy

  • Don’t buy expensive cosmetics, Avon is good enough.
  • Be happy with who you are rather than getting a facelift.
  • Do your own housework and cooking with fresh ingredients and no preservatives.
  • Eat lots of vegetables and little meat
  • Don’t overeat and keep moving.
  • Stand up straight.
  • Keep your brain sharp by reading and doing puzzles every day.
  • A love of nature and bird watching has helped her through many a tough spot.
  • Staying positive, never complaining about health, and
  • avoid taking anything for pain or anything else for that matter.

This last video is a sweet vulnerable share while visiting in Los Angeles.

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