Density, Emotional Hoarding Don’t worry, you’re not a HO!

Ho! Ho! Ho!

We have to laugh at ourselves, if we don’t we end up beating ourselves up for the pie and cookies we had for breakfast. Oh, don’t worry, that was me!

Laughter breaks up the fear we have of being seen, caught or discovered for our indiscretions. I don’t want you to think I sit under a Bohdi tree fasting on water or wheat grass all day. I don’t.


Fasting is a fabulous way to release unwanted weight and we can do so at the change of seasons more easily. A vegetable juice fast or metabolic cleanse and shift about ten pounds in eight days. Keeping it off, though is another thing. [Read more Get More Miles On Your Vehicle]

We’re Emotional Beings

As emotional beings we feel deeply. Those of us that are senstives, or empaths having narcissistic mothers tend to feel more deeply than most. We are generally healers, authors and coaches. If you haven’t begun to put yourself out there as a healer, don’t fret, there is plenty of time.

Our emotions can bog us down, create depression and anxiety if we aren’t present and able to release these dreaded negative emotions. Here are three ways to help you release the heaviness and density. [More on Emotional Hoarding Archives]

We Are Our Worst Enemies!

If someone could shadow us all day every day, writing down all the hurtful and abusive things we say to ourselves, we would be arrested for Domestic Violence! The truth is until we awaken, we are our worst enemies.

How We Create Problems With Our Words

Speak Love and Stop Self-Sabotaging

Kindness and love are what our soul needs. Compassion and loving thoughts are what our bodies need to be healed, whole and healthy. However, unfortunately, we abuse ourselves with our words and works. We drive ourselves beyond our energy levels and then tell ourselves what wicked, horrible people we are. On top of all that we compare ourselves with others.

What My Guides Say About Comparison

Looking at others wishing for what they have and thinking we aren’t as worthy, intelligent, beautiful, or discerning collapses our energy field. Comparing ourselves to anyone makes us feel small.

Furthermore, you are unlike anyone else for a reason. Beating yourself up for being different is like telling a rabbit he needs to be a dog!

Revel In Your Uniqueness

The truth is that there is no one on this planet like you. Instead of looking at others wishing that you had what she has, be happy to be you!

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