Wealth Code Activation


Activating Your Wealth Code

For generations, we have been stifled and made to feel unworthy. We’ve been fear-ridden and controlled. This wealth code activation eradicates all control over our sovereignty. You are given the keys to the kingdom!

Each of us has DNA and a mind. What we haven’t known until now is how expandable and changeable the DNA and our mind can be, in fact, science has now shown us that our mind is plastic! What does that mean? We can change our minds! If we can change our minds we can overcome the past programming from our parents and others that taught us we have to work hard for our money or that money doesn’t grow on trees.

In this powerful ten-minute audio your DNA is re-ordered and a domino effect created. As the negative aspects fall away the powerful creator programming is activated. Your Wealth Code is turned on, instead of left in the disabled or OFF position! Life-changing!