Transform Misery To Miracles Quickly and Easily

No matter how good a person you are, no matter the mantras, prayers or good deeds we perform for others challenges occur. We can’t avoid those things that feel as if we have been body slammed into concrete, but we certainly can choose how we respond. In this brief powerful article, I will share my greatest findings of how to manifest miracles quickly and shift your world and emotions into something that feels wonderful.

  1. Focus On The Truth Not Fiction. No one is out to get you. The Universe and God aren’t punishing you for what you thought or did. Yes, karma is a reality, but sometimes rain on your wedding day is just rain. The ending of your relationship or losing your job could possibly be the best thing that could have happened, even if it doesn’t feel that way right now. Sometimes the accident we were in somehow is beneficial to you and there is a silver lining. Look for the benefits and focus on how life is getting better and better every day. The truth may be something other than what you believe, be open to the possibility of something different.
  2. Choose How You Feel. Our feelings and take on a situation are choices we make. We can choose to wallow in self-pity or negativity or decide to view the situation as a gift and a lesson. What can I learn from this? How can I choose to view it from a different perspective? We always have the gift of choice, we just need to recognize it exists.
  3. Praise Yourself Rather Than Critisize. We are often our biggest enemies. When we tell ourselves we are failures, or that we should have known better, and make ourselves responsible for other’s happiness, we are placing way too much pressure on ourselves. Give yourself a break and some love instead. Congratulate yourself when you have completed a difficult task. Tell yourself you are doing the best you can and do something that nurtures your soul and makes you feel loved (something that is a healthy positive thing) like taking a hot salt water or Epsom salts bath at the end of a tough day. In the bathtub do a mantra that fills your soul with love and light, like “I love me! I am enough, I am deserving of the best life can offer. Life is for me. I am safe!” Remember that constant criticism leads to auto-immune disorders and Fibromyalgia. Self-hatred is like being given the greatest gift and running it over with our car repeatedly. We have to say kind loving words and think loving thoughts for our body to be healthy and perform well.
  4. Breathe Deeply. When we are stressed, feel small or lack confidence we hold our breath and barely breathe. Breath is one of the greatest gifts we have to fill our life-giving blood with oxygen and feed our brain with positive energy. Not breathing means you don’t value yourself and feel you are not worth loving. Often we don’t affirm life by holding our breath or barely breathing. Instead, activate your Vagas nerve and relieve yourself of anxiety, depression and lower your blood pressure with deep slow inhalations and deep slow exhalations. The Vagas nerve feeds all of the organs in your body.
  5. Know That Life Is Working FOR YOU! When we feel like a victim, we think everyone including the Universe is out to get us, the opposite is true. Life is happening for our highest good. Situations arise to show us what we need to notice, heal and release within ourselves. If you feel stuck in a victim paradigm, I can help you shift your perspective like me. I still do FREE discovery sessions for those that are ready to change their life circumstance. These sessions help those discover for themselves the power of energy healing and coaching from someone who has been where you are and knows what to do to shift, heal and raise your vibration permanently.
  6. Write Down Your Thoughts And Release Negative Emotions. Staying in a funk doesn’t feel good. Writing can help you move out of a funk if you ask the questions to move you upward vibrationally. Ask the following and journal the answers: When have I felt this way before? Who was involved in the first situation that felt like this, my mother, my father, siblings or someone else? How many times have I repeated this pattern? Am I stuck in a paradigm that isn’t serving me? What can I do or say to myself that will allow me to feel loved? If you feel you need to cry, then allow yourself to feel those feelings deeply and release the tears and stress completely. Yell if you feel angry. Hit some tennis balls against a wall and envision the other person’s head on the ball if it makes you feel better. Yell out loud where you feel safe to do so and let go of your anger. Keeping these emotions inside will eventually cause suffering and illness, they were meant to move.
  7. Speak Your Truth. Tell the person involved how you truly feel rather than stuffing those words, thoughts, and emotions down deep inside. Holding our words inside our lips can cause cold sores, sinus infections, and even heart issues.
  8. Know That Miracles Are Real and they can be real for you. All you need to do to create miracles is to believe that they are real. Follow the directions below and you can create miracles for yourself every day.

How To Create Miracles

  • We have to ASK for help to receive it.
  • Ask the angels, Universe and whoever you believe in to bring you a miracle today.
  • “I know miracles happen every day and I expect a miracle today!”
  • Hold your hands open as if receiving a gift.
  • Know that it is possible and even probable.
  • “Thank you for this miracle today!”
  • Every time you find a perfect parking spot or things happen easily and effortlessly say “THANK YOU!”

I have helped others create miracles in their lives, it is part of working with me in my coaching sessions. Whether it is love you are looking for or the perfect job or career I can help you. I remove the blocks from your field that keep you stuck in repeating patterns or feeling like a victim. It is what I did for myself. Now, I create miracles in the moment. The more love we have for ourselves, the better our lives and relationships become. Help me help you by reaching out and inviting me to be a part of your transformation. Release the anxiety, depression, and unhappiness and live the life you so deserve. If you haven’t done it so far without my help, do you think you know what to do going forward? We don’t know what we don’t know unless we ask an expert who has moved beyond where we are to help us. I would be honored to help you. With love, Jennifer

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