The Personality Traits of A Narcissistic Mother

Traits of A Narcissistic Mother

  1. She violates your boundaries
  2. She demeans, criticizes, and disparages
  3. She denies
  4. She’s envious
  5. She’s competitive (with her children)
  6. She idealizes her life and position
  7. She plays favorites
  8. She needs to be the center of attention
  9. She manipulates your emotions
  10. She’s never wrong….. ever
  11. She’s childish
  12. She’s shameless
  13. Aggressive
  14. Projects
  15. Blames
  16. Destroys your relationships
  17. Self-absorbed
  18. She lies
  19. Refuses to accept responsibility
  20. Undermines
  21. Makes you look (and feel) crazy
  22. Narcissists live through their children feeling their children are extensions of themselves (enmeshed)
  23. Won’t compliment you
  24. Compares you to friends, or siblings
  25. Triangulates using siblings against you
  26. Talks behind your back
  27. Appears like the ideal mother and homemaker to outsiders

Isn’t She Terrific?

You’ll often hear from neighbors and outsiders at church how wonderful your mother is.

She’ll be quick to tell you that you are fat, or your hair is too long or you look old. She may comment to siblings about how the blush is off the rose, when you flew all night to visit her.

She’ll love to show you off to friends but put you down in private.

If you live out of town, you might be paraded in front of friends and family while exhausted from your long trip, without any regard for your fatigue. Her sense of self-worth comes from what others think of her rather than from inside. She’s usually house proud: her home is spotlessly clean and orderly and her children well dressed.

Recovery is possible.

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