What Are We Telling Our Children?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

When I was 41 and conscious I gave birth to my daughter. Before I conceived, I was Guided to fast, cleanse and raise my vibration. I couldn’t have carried a child so advanced without raising my vibration. I prayed for a spiritual daughter and was told she would be my gift. I had been told I wouldn’t be able to have another child after my two sons.


My daughter was born awake. She remembered her past lives and her own children. She asked me one day when she was three, “Mom, you know my dad?” I said, “You mean, Rich?” She said, “No my other father.” Then she told me that she and her children died in a fire.

My husband and I bore witness to her conversing with unseen spirits and channeling higher beings. 


At age 8 she had pneumonia and said she was beginning to forget what it was like to be with God in Heaven and wanted to go back. Needless to say, I told her, “Oh honey, you don’t want to do that! You need to stay here.” Afterward, she fell into such a deep sleep, I was unable to awaken her for hours.

The time of conception, which I experienced there was a flash of light and the soul agreed to take form. During the first three months, I felt a flitting in and out of the soul but it didn’t stay. At 120 days, I felt a quickening or movement and a considerable change when her soul took up residence in the body of my unborn child. Prior to that point, the fetus had a heartbeat, but no soul. 
When a child is born within it is a fully developed soul. There is no such thing as a baby soul. Babies do not have cherubs inside them. No wonder that babies get so frustrated with us when we talk to them as if they are idiots without an awareness or consciousness.

The truth is babies see auras. Babies can tell who has an open heart and who doesn’t. Notice when you smile at an infant where their gaze rests. It is usually above our heads or over our shoulder because they are looking at our aura or energy field.
Today, at a local Social Security office, filled with hundreds of people I witnessed something horrific. I watched as a woman told her six-month-old grandchild who was attempting to stand up with her wobbly little legs over and over again, “Hey, Big Chunky! You can’t even stand up!” She repeated her admonishment “Big Chunky!” as if it was waving a magic wand over this child. She called this sweet little girl, “Big Chunky!” She never called her by her real name. As I watched I saw a gleam in the grandmother’s eyes and stopped counting as she called her Big Chunky more than twenty times while I sat waiting. 
Why would someone call a little child who is far from chunky something so derogatory? Often people are totally unaware of how powerful their words are to a small child. Children that grow up being compared to other siblings or gender related remarks “crying like a little girl,” end up with low self-esteem.
Frequent criticism creates a child eager to please others. If any of this sounds familiar, you are not alone. In the ten years of energy healing of babies all the way to geriatric patients, I have found that all of us were imprinted by negative beliefs, fears, and thoughts of our parents, but especially our mothers while in the womb. Any arguments about whether the child is wanted or should be aborted created a pattern or rejection and abandonment before the baby is even born. 

If our parents were worried about how they would manage to feed another child when a pregnancy is first detected their fears negatively affect the unborn child as well. Imprinting occurs when the mother has an emotional reaction to a conversation or event while pregnant. The mother’s emotions are felt and create an imprint in the unborn child. A father’s emotions also impact a child, but not as profoundly. An unborn child learns to recognize their parent’s voices. When a newborn hears either parent, they will turn their head toward the familiar voices. 

Scientist and the medical profession state that learning begins at birth. I contest that learning begins in the womb.

By the time I had my third child, I learned enough about babies to do many things differently. I didn’t vaccinate. I felt certain that vaccination was causing Autism and Aspergers Syndrome. I breastfed all of my children but continued until she was ready to wean herself and kept our daughter in our bed, close to me. She didn’t like being separated from me at night and cried for hours when her father insisted on keeping her in her crib. We had a very strong bond as a result of her early childhood being what I felt intuitively was best for her, rather than listening to someone’s opinion.
I stayed at home with her rather than allowing another person to influence and raise our beautiful child. As a result, she grew up sweet, sensitive, soft and generous. My daughter has a light that radiates from her heart and eyes.

We Have A Powerful Influence
What if the words we speak to a child are like a blessing or a curse? What if the words we speak when a child is a so utterly fresh, clean and conscious soaking up everything the adults around them say and do as their lasting programs? What if these programs govern the child for his or her entire life? What if this unknowing grandmother’s words cursed this little girl to a life of obesity and an inability to stand up for herself, or worse yet, Multiple Sclerosis or some other debilitating disease?
Words can hurt adults, they certainly hurt babies and toddlers as well. Wouldn’t it be more loving and supportive to tell our beautiful little ones how wonderful they are encouraging their growth through the challenges they encounter so that they become adults with healthy self-esteem knowing that they are capable of doing and being anything they can dream

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