Do You Want Love But Can’t Do Internet Dating?

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

We hear it all the time, if you want love, you must find it on the Internet, but is that statement true? 

Over 18 million people believe it is so but that doesn’t make it true.
What We Believe Governs Our Lives
What we tell ourselves creates our beliefs. If we believe something is so, it is true for us. We can shift our beliefs by changing our programming and unconscious mind. How? By repeating a statement over and over until we believe something different, or having hypnotherapy or clearing the statement from our energy field. I help people do all of the above.

I believe in love.
I believe love is for me!
I believe love is safe for me.
I know my love is on his / her way to me now!
I personally don’t like the Internet for dating. We can encounter frauds, fake profiles and scams on the Internet. In person we can look into someone’s eyes when they speak to us, we can feel what their energy feels like. We can see how they talk, eat and live in person. 

On the Internet we are viewing a profile which is a very small part of who we are. It is easy to hide who we are on the Internet. Photos can be false, words can be untrue. When we meet someone in person we can feel their words as they speak to us, we can sense who they are.

Women Use This Golden Opportunity To Ask A Man Out!

How We Sabotage Our Possibilities 

The point of life is to enjoy the journey. Each part of our journey is to take us to a higher state of evolution so that we grow and evolve. We are meant to enjoy each facet of life even the times we are without a lover. When we hate being alone, it is because we aren’t comfortable with ourselves. 

When We Have Healed Our Past

I used to be one of those people that had to be in a relationship, I felt something was missing in my life. I used to jump from one relationship into another. Now I am equally happy alone or with a partner. I enjoy my time alone, it is in the solitude that I meditate deeply, enjoy nature and write. I revel in my solitude as much as I enjoy being with others. When we are as happy alone as we are with others, is when we are no longer co-dependent. We won’t draw another codependent or addictive relationship to us. When we are happy with ourselves, we are accepting and love unconditionally. We are kinder in our relationships. 

If we state to ourselves, “I hate dating” we close doors for ourselves. We have to enjoy the process of dating which is a part of life. Enjoy each moment of each day and you will find more opportunities for meeting that special someone begin to present themselves to you.

The Universe Is Constantly Orchestrating Our Lives

I have found that asking questions nets us the fastest results. Remember, “ASK AND YOU SHALL RECEIVE?” 

If you haven’t tried it, write down a couple of questions from my blog and use them in your life and just watch what happens. Set an intention to be happy with the process and allow the Universe to support you in bringing more opportunities into your life to meet people that could be potential partners.


  • How can I easily and effortlessly connect with more high quality people?
  • What could I do that would bring more opportunities for love into my life?
  • What do I still need to learn that is keeping me from having the love I desire right now?
  • How could I be more loving to myself so that I become a magnet for love?
Where Can I Meet More High Quality People?
Join a club, a group or find a meetup group with other people that have mutual interests. When I was writing an article for Digital Romance about where to meet single people, I did my personal research. I had a reader from Linked In ask if I had signed up for The answer is YES! I don’t recommend things I haven’t tried.
If you love to meditate, sign up for a meditation group. If you love to do Contra dance, sign up for that. If you love to hike, there are local hiking groups near you. 
If you want to feel the touch of another human being without the sexual contact, sign up for a Cuddle Sanctuary or Cuddle Up event. 
Yes, people can hug, cuddle with their clothes on in a safe place with great boundaries. In fact, you will get a course in safe touch that will allow even the most sensitive person to feel protected and safe.When I wrote my article I signed up for a meditation group, a spiritual group, a Cuddle Sanctuary teacher’s workshop, Contra dance, and began to attend the groups I preferred with regularity. I have met plenty of eligable men in each group.
Looking For A Wife?
There are women out in the world that want to be married. Believe it or not, there are plenty of them that are looking for a partner right now. When you begin to believe that love will find you, it will show up. You will be in the right and perfect place and there she will be!
Looking For A Husband?
Many men are looking for a partner to marry. Many men have lost a wife and want to remarry. Single men too, are looking. You have to be in the place where men are. Not all men are players. If you believe that men will cheat or hurt you, contact me and we can get that program and belief cleared. Or take my Tainted To True workshop. Or better yet, my Infinite Love series.
Remember Self Love is the cornerstone for a happy balanced relationship. When we feel something is missing within us, we attract another who is similar to us. Our relationships can be very challenging when we don’t love and accept ourselves as we are.

Dating can be fun, if we believe it is. Meeting new people brings new experiences and joy. Enjoy the process of dating. Find innovative ways to make it fun for you, before long you will be singing a much happier tune! 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters has healed codependency, addictions, anxiety, depression, unworthiness, Fibromyalgia, Epstein-Barr syndrome, and is happy with who she is. She can help you find happiness with your relationship and life. She can also help you find love. E-mail Jennifer to find out how.

Jennifer is an expert at helping people shift so that they stop attracting a Tainted relationship and find a sustaining and fulfilling love. Whether you are already in a relationship and want to take it to the next level, or suffer from sexual dysfunction, Jennifer is a compassionate and loving healer that will help you see the sunny side of life and life a life you absolutely love! Why not contact her today to find out if you are a good fit for her private coaching.

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