I’m Moving On Up!

By Jennifer Elizabeth Masters

Mojave Desert sunset

I have been living in the Mojave Desert since November 1st, 2012. After the Mercury Retrograde ends on May 3rd at 3:00 PM PST I am packing my cats and dogs into my car and spending my first night in a new place in a lovely guest house on a friend’s horse ranch closer to Los Angeles. It is exactly what I asked for.

You don’t know this about me, but I am a farm girl at heart. I love to dig in the dirt and my mother used to call me Ellie May from the Beverly Hillbillies when I was small. Animals used to follow me

home as if I was the Pied Piper. 

Moving to a horse ranch is right up my alley giving me the beauty of a canyon with the aliveness of all those goats, miniature, and beautiful riding horses complete with rose gardens too! White paddock fencing, gorgeous manicured gardens and green lawn with graceful mature trees, a fruit orchard, and walking trails the contrast from the stark monochromatic desert is breathtaking. 

As a former landscaper, this new place is literally made in heaven for me. It is exactly what I asked for a beautiful place where I love to be. Even Karma and Yoda are far happier on this farm than they are in the little town I live in.

The desert is a place to purge. I have certainly purged. Our oldest cat Lydia the magic cat left us. Lydia was on my desk for every clearing I did until her death. Lydia used to help me clear my clients and ended up giving her life to the cause because she absorbed so much negativity in the process. 

Ariel learning to drive – see my shadow on the truck door?
I became an empty nester when my daughter graduated from high school ahead of schedule after her father also left the planet. Ariel learned to drive here off-roading in her father’s pick-up truck. The desert has been good for so many things.
The desert provided solitude for me to meditate and write. Not only did I write Orgasm For Life here in the desert, I also wrote hundreds of blog articles for Your Tango, Digital Romance, and my blog, Love Yourself Fearlessly. I also wrote Happy Anywhere: The Guide For Overcoming Anxiety, Depression, and Unhappiness (which I am wrapping up this week!). My blog has gone from a few hundred views to well over 430,600 with an average of 1,000 hits a day. The desert helped me to focus on my business and my growth turning inward in the silence growing tremendously. I am very grateful for the solitude that the desert has provided me.
I also co-created a few miracles.
I’ve cleared myself over 1,591 times, which is my daily practice. I always begin from a clear place to work on my clients. Sometimes, because of a hefty clearing of a client earlier in the day, I would clear myself again. I have let go of anger, resentment, sadness, sorrow, lack, limitation, failure, friends, heartache, grief, attachment to people attachment to coffee, sweets, and tons of karmic debt. 
I have deepened my meditation practice, adding Kriya Yoga which burns karma, expands and raises my vibration exponentially. I am also taking hot yoga classes daily. I taken my inner work seriously. I am committed to being the best me that I can be for myself and my clients. I have become completely authentic in the process. I recognize that not everyone will like me, but that’s okay, it’s not my business what others think of me
The little house I lived in for four-and-a-half years was affordable for me. During my time in the desert, I did without a lot to make ends meet. I cut out everything I could to pay my bills and that effort has paid off. I am leaving a meager existence here in a low-income area where fifty percent of the population is on welfare, food stamps, and disability and moving into an affluent community of horse ranches, swimming pools, and Land Rovers. I haven’t needed to subsidize my income with a part-time job in over two years. 
My coaching is shifting to those who see what I have done and want it too. I used to feel bat shit crazy. I wasn’t always self-assured and enlightened. 

I help people expand beyond where they are into a life they love happily making the money they deserve, like me. I have worked my ass off to get where I am doing hot yoga, meditation and eventually becoming a vegan and a yogi (student) of Kriya Yoga which Yogananda and Babaji have passed down to their students. 
I used to be hard to love. 
Moving isn’t new to me. I am a Canadian girl who has lived in four states and abroad in England. Even in the US, I moved often. I am a part gypsy, adventurer, and former seeker. I have moved in the past because I wasn’t happy where I was. This move is happening because I am spending most of my time in Los Angeles and Laguna Beach. I am following the energy rather than chasing something I haven’t found inside me. In Los Angeles and Santa Clarita, I will be doing workshops and meetup groups to be in front of people. 
I have found what I was searching for and I help others get it for themselves. I am happy by myself, or in a crowd. If a partner shows up that will enhance my life great, if I live alone,

I am perfectly content and happy either way. 

With this move to a higher vibrational location, there is a new website and a completed book coming out too. 
While the boxes are filled and I give away and sell what I don’t need any longer, I am filled with gratitude for those people who have returned to me two years later with stories of me saving their lives, changing their trajectory for the better and those who are still on this planet because their depression, insomnia, drug addictions and suicide is gone permanently. 
The Mojave Desert has been isolated, windy, cold and unbearably hot during the summer months. I have burned off more than my skin, but years of karmic debt by giving back to those who couldn’t afford my services, but I gave anyway.
My daughter hated the desert and couldn’t wait to return to Colorado. I have grown to love the desolation and solitude. I see the beauty where my daughter saw ugliness and “The Land of Tan.” I chose to focus on myself rather than the drug addicts and alcoholics

Yoda found a loving home

of this town. Rather than getting upset and angry that people have no respect for themselves and dump their trash in the desert, I recognize that there was a time when I didn’t respect myself either. 

I found Yoda and four kittens in the desert that were cast-offs from others. I created a video while holding all four of them. I became the surrogate mother bottle feeding these kittens. I finally gave away two but kept the little black and tiger striped kitties.
My needs are simple. I continue to live a simple life with love and devotion at the center. I don’t attempt to fix or change others. I stopped trying to please others or make them happy. Though I have been victimized in the past, I am not a victim. I am happy with me no matter where I live. I don’t need beauty around me to be happy. The beauty is in me not outside. The love is inside me, not outside. The desert has given me a tremendous gift. I trust that the next phase of my journey will teach me so much more as the universe supports me each step of the way.

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